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The Invisible Garment: Your Life Purpose & Gifts

  • You are here to deliver a unique gift from the soul into the world
  • At first breath you signed a contract with Life
  • That contract is your spiritual DNA
  • Your contract is made of identifiable spiritual principles
  • The Invisible Garment teaches you how to remember your contract
  • The Invisible Garment teaches you how to understand and live your contract
  • The Invisible Garment helps you wear your spiritual wardrobe with grace

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Did You Watch Connie Kaplan’s Interviews on GAIA?  Are you ready to dive into your life purpose?

Your Soul’s Reason for Living | NEW: Coming Soon

Ready to get on your path, polish your gifts, live a life on purpose?  Our Deep Inner Journey Package combines the individual tools of The Invisible Garment along with a private session with Connie to help you quicken your journey.  We’ve also created the TIG Overview Package for you if you’re ready to take a gentle first step into a journey that will eventually result in a profound transformation in the way you understand the purpose of your incarnation.

Already have a Workbook?  If you already have a workbook, we’ve created this Go Deeper Package for you. These are a few tools that Connie Kaplan has created for some of her more advanced students to encourage them to continue to deepen their understanding of their invisible garment – their sacred contract with life.

The Work

We each wear an unseen garment, woven in divine threads, which holds us, shrouds us, veils us, protects us, and simul­taneously connects us to every other being in the universe.  >> Learn More



Your workbook is totally personalized to your invisible garment pattern. Each of your principles is broken down into manageable, understandable pieces for you to contemplate, digest, and learn to radiate. >> Learn More



This FREE DOWNLOAD consists of notes and thoughts Dr. Kaplan has developed over the years about each of the 30 principles of form since the original publishing of the book The Invisible Garment. >> Learn More

Welcome from Connie:

Connie Kaplan

Thanks for visiting theinvisiblegarment.com.  The main message of this work is this:  You are here to deliver a gift from the dimension of soul into the realm of form.  The purpose of this site is to help you remember exactly what that gift is, and to help you actualize that gift in your life.

To that end, we’ve created a website overflowing with information.  My recommendation:  Bookmark it and visit it often in short spurts.  You’ll find many rich ways to deepen your understanding of your life purpose, and indeed the reason that humanity exists on Earth.

First, take advantage of our initial offering of a brief overview of your own principles.  When you order this package (offered for a limited time at an extremely attractive price) you will send me your birth information, and I will send you a four page overview of your principles, their roles/importance in your life, their color, their evolutionary destination.  This power-packed package will open your eyes, jog your memory, and peak your curiosity!

We’ve created a page for each principle (under 30 Spiritual Principles).  There you are invited to read a bit about each of the 30  Spiritual Principles, and you’re also invited to post comments and your experiences with each Principle – adding your own experience of each principle so that others may better see how it shows up in our lives.

Also, there are podcasts, each about 30 minutes long.  They augment the definition and expression of each principle.  You’ll want to take your time listening to each of the principles in your invisible garment, and then hopefully you’ll listen to them all.   I often say that if you don’t have a principle in your garment pattern, you’ll find it in your parent’s, your sibling’s, your partner’s, or your children’s patterns.  Your were either born from it, you’ll marry it, or you’ll give birth to it!  So it’s eventually advantageous for you to know them all!

Each year that I live with this cosmology, I discover nuances and subtleties to each principle.  To share some of those we have a free download called Conversations about The Invisible Garment Principles.  Please do take advantage of this FREE offer.  In addition we have created a Blog.  I’ll write regularly about ways to observe the principles at work in the world.  Be sure to subscribe to that!

There’s more. . .and more. . .and more.

Please enjoy the website.  Let each morsel of information jog your memory of Who You Are.  Learn to BE your principles and then trust that anything you are to DO will just show up to be done!

About The Author

In 1986 Connie was struck with a mysterious illness that sent her to bed for over 18 months, ending a successful career in television production. During and since that time she has undergone a number of mystical experiences during which she received valuable spiritual information about the true nature of human incarnation.

Through her books, she shares that information with you:

The Woman’s Book of Dreams
Dreams are Letters from the Soul
The Invisible Garment
A Colorful Life

Neither a guru nor a channel, Dr. Kaplan is simply a powerful and popular spiritual instructor whose revolutionary information does not point toward the teacher, but rather toward the unique and genuine wisdom of the student.

Dr. Kaplan holds Master’s degrees in Communications and Psychology and a Doctorate of Ministry.  She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband.