Are you ready to take a DEEP Inner Journey?

We created this special package for you! If you have the curiosity and courage to look deeply into the spiritual mirror and REMEMBER why you took this incarnation, order this package NOW. The invisible garment information tells us that we are here to deliver a gift from the dimension of Truth (the level we call the Soul) into the human world. You have been delivering this gift (albeit unconsciously) most of your life, but now you can actually remember what it is and deliver it with liberated consciousness!

GAIA MEMBERS: enter the “coupon code” you heard on the show at checkout to receive an additional 10% off your order!

Here’s what you are about to receive:

TIG Workbook –
~a personalized “book of life” that walks you step by step through your own garment pattern. Each page is filled with information about your choice to take an incarnation at this time. It gives you a massive body of information about your Gift. It breaks down into digestible bites all the principles that make up your contract with Life. It tells you Who You Are.

TIG Audio Book –
~although you may own a hardback copy of the book (and we suggest that you should because it is a wonderful reference book to keep nearby forever,) listening to Connie Kaplan’s gentle voice often puts people into a meditative state that allows them to hear the information more deeply and understand it more clearly.

TIG Digital Book
~if you have the digital book, the words are always with you! You can carry them in your smart phone in case you need quick reference to your principles. This digital book is your spiritual Google!

Half-Hour PRIVATE SESSION with Connie Kaplan
~ask anyone who has worked with Connie privately. A session with her on Skype or Zoom or phone or in person can be fundamentally liberating. She’ll help you remember Who You Are. She’ll inspire you to BE. She’ll take your hand and walk with you on a leg of your journey.

Living your Sun Principle ~ Audio Course
~because your sun principle is your primary gift to life, it’s very important that you understand it fully – inside out. Connie has recorded over two hours of instructions about how to fully understand your GIFT. Listen here for an overview of why she created this class:

CONGRATULATIONS. Because you are a GAIA listener, or are otherwise a special FOTIG (friend of the invisible garment) you get a considerable discount for this amazing package. Your life is about to change, your portals of potential are about to open! Here we go. . .

After you place your order you’ll receive an instructional note about getting started, downloading your digital products, scheduling your session with Connie, and sending us your birth information so that we can compile your workbook.