Know Thyself

When I was younger, I thought the term “Know Thyself” was a motto for the Me Generation.  It seemed like a sound-bite for narcissistic personality disorder.

And then along came the mystical experience that resulted in The Invisible Garment, and I became a student of the clearest, most accessible, most intensely intimate spiritual practice I’ve ever encountered.  Indeed, knowing the principles in my own personal garment pattern resulted in knowing myself.

Surprisingly and joyfully, I learned that “Know Thyself” actually meant  “know your uniqueness, because only in thoroughly understanding your life purpose can you be free and unafraid to allow other people to know theirs.”

“Know Thyself” is a perfect mantra for The Invisible Garment work, for it really means, “Know Thy Gift.”  Through the joyful delivering of your gift, you inspire every person in your path to know and deliver his or her gift.

All the offerings in this section of our website are designed to help you Know Thyself.

DIY: Creating YOUR Garment Pattern

Invisible Garment Audio Mini-Reading
Price: $75
This audio mini-reading of your personal garment pattern will become one of your favorite mp3s.  It’s an 18-20 minute description of your personal gift to the world.  Connie Kaplan describes in a soft, gentle voice, the twelve threads that weave your personal invisible garment and your Personal I AM Mantra.  Every time you listen to it, you’ll hear something different!  Keep it on your phone or on your favorite listening device, and listen to it as often as the mood strikes you! – Add to Cart

Invisible Garment Workbook
Price: $300
When you order a workbook, you really receive a “book of life” for yourself. Your workbook is totally personalized to your invisible garment pattern. Each of your principles is broken down into manageable, understandable pieces for you to contemplate, digest, and learn to radiate. – Add to Cart

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