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Cosmology is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves – why we exist. Right now we humans are in a cosmological transformation that is as profound as the radical shift in collective consciousness after we realized that the sun doesn’t orbit around the earth. We live in a time that collapses time into timelessness; we live in a space that doesn’t acknowledge boundary. The story is changing because our knowledge of who we are is changing.

Now is a special time. We must re-understand humanity, its reason for existence, and its potential for co-participating with evolution.

The goal in this book is to focus on re-writing the story we humans tell ourselves about ourselves – or more accurately, to recognize the new story as it writes itself through us.


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The Invisible Garment: Your Life Purpose

  • You are here to deliver a unique gift from the soul into the world
  • At first breath you signed a contract with Life
  • That contract is your spiritual DNA
  • Your contract is made of identifiable spiritual principles
  • The Invisible Garment teaches you how to remember your contract
  • The Invisible Garment teaches you how to understand and live your contract
  • The Invisible Garment helps you wear your spiritual wardrobe with grace


We each wear an unseen garment, woven in divine threads, which holds us, shrouds us, veils us, protects us, and simul­taneously connects us to every other being in the universe.  >> Learn More


Your workbook is totally personalized to your invisible garment pattern. Each of your principles is broken down into manageable, understandable pieces for you to contemplate, digest, and learn to radiate. >> Learn More


This FREE DOWNLOAD consists of notes and thoughts Dr. Kaplan has developed over the years about each of the 30 principles of form since the original publishing of the book The Invisible Garment. >> Learn More

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About The Author

Connie KaplanIn 1986 Connie was struck with a mysterious illness that sent her to bed for over 18 months, ending a successful career in television production. Since that time she has undergone a number of mystical experiences, each providing valuable spiritual information about the true nature of human incarnation.  The information she bestows through her writing and classes invites you to expand what you think you know about why you’re here, and instead examine possibilities that connect human life and Soul in unique, atypical ways.  

Through her books, she shares that information with you:

The Emergence of a New Cosmology

The Invisible Garment

The Woman’s Book of Dreams

Dreams are Letters from the Soul

A Colorful Life

Neither a guru nor a channel, Dr. Kaplan is simply a powerful and popular spiritual instructor whose revolutionary information does not point toward the teacher, but rather toward the unique and genuine wisdom of the student.

Dr. Kaplan holds Master’s degrees in Communications and Psychology and a Doctorate of Ministry.  She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband.