The Woman’s Book of Dreams:  Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice

Digital Book: $7.99
Audio Book: $15.95
Bundle (Digital and Audio): $21.00
Print Book: $14.95 (bonus digital copy FREE)

We have on hand a limited number of print editions of Connie Kaplan’s first published book, The Woman’s Book of Dreams. This is your dreaming manifesto. From it you’ll learn:

  • to chart your dreams according to the lunar cycles.
  • to listen to dreams as collective (rather than personal) events.
  • to run a ceremonial form called Dream Circle, which develops group wisdom.

When she was 36, Connie was living an enviable life. She had a successful career in television production, a wonderful husband, and a beautiful family.

Suddenly, a virus left her incapable of working. The illness profoundly affected her memory and her ability to sort information.

For 18 months, she did little but sleep and dream. During that powerful dreaming time, the information in this book was downloaded into her otherwise handicapped brain.

In those months she went to dream school and dreamed herself awake. She shares her profound resulting insights with us in this book. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this book.

Every culture throughout time has been fascinated by and curious about its dreams. In this book, dream teacher Connie Kaplan gives readers a way to understand their dreams as a spiritual contract with life. She shows how dreaming energy is connected with the womb and with menstrual and hormonal cycles. Even men and postmenopausal women share this unique connection through the metaphoric womb. Once readers learn to use these cycles to understand and chart their dreams, they can use the lessons learned to improve their lives. Kaplan’s is a new look at an age-old system that allows dreamers to read the messages in their dreams as if they were letters from the soul. Her book will stir ancient memories of a time when the spiritual connection to the universe was deeply felt and celebrated.