• Look at “what’s right with you” rather than “what’s wrong with you.”
  • Liberate yourself to wear YOUR specific garment rather than trying to meet the expectations of others.
  • Understand how you are always supported by an undergarment of simple underlying spiritual principles.
  • Remind yourself of your divine nature.
  • Avoid falling in love with what you think you SHOULD be doing.
  • Dodge the rut of figuring out what to DO before you know what you came here to BE.
  • Stop overanalyzing your “shoulds.”
  • Forget wishing for things to be “tidy”—randomness and chaos breed possibility!

The Invisible Garment Book Cover

The title The Invisible Garment introduces a metaphor, which flows throughout this work. We each wear an unseen garment, woven in divine threads, which holds us, shrouds us, veils us, protects us, and simul­taneously connects us to every other being in the universe. Through the general knowledge of the tenets of quantum physics, most of us now intel­lectually know that life is a holistic experience—that every being, organic and inorganic, is a unique thread in a galactic interwoven fabric. Each of us is not only a fiber in this tapestry, but we are also embedded (cloaked) in its weave.

But intellectual knowing is not enough. We long to experience our connection. In a tapestry when one thread is either missing, faded, or dam­aged, a hole exists in the whole. When we feel ourselves unraveling, we want to be reminded of our connection to something greater than our small, sep­arate realities. The Invisible Garment outlines a practical way for you to chart the soul’s purpose for your lifetime, and therefore to understand your own spiritual wardrobe. It shows you how we each are simultaneously unique and one with The One. Because we are each integral aspects of an awesome cos­mic weaving, it is not only to one’s personal benefit but also to the benefit of the universe for each person to understand his or her life’s purpose.

This work makes the radical (although not original) suggestion that who you essentially are is good. It alleges that in other dimensions of consciousness, each of us writes a pre-natal contract with life, which we sign and seal at first breath. These contracts are spiritual (being), not actual (doing). They function as our clothing, our fiber, our safety net, our deep and unfet­tered connectedness to Creation and Creator throughout our lives. They consist of a configuration of spiritual principles, which articulate what is good about us—what is right about us—what is never broken in us.

These principles remind us of the wonder of life, the awesome nature of each person’s uniqueness, the incomparable miracle of humanity. When you learn about your own spiritual principles, you realize the beauty of your beingness, and your behavior spontaneously becomes beautiful. When your goodness is articulated, you begin to experience the all-embracing love, which is the fabric of the universe living itself through you. And as you wear your own invisible garment, whether impeccably or imperfectly, you so contribute to the tapestry of society.


It may seem ludicrous in this scientific age to put forth the possibility that human life is influenced and guided by intangible spiritual principles. It is perhaps even more outlandish to suggest concrete ways to discern those principles. And most frivolous is the idea that one uses those principles to design the blueprint for one’s life before his or her birth. That is tantamount to saying that each person is a divine co-creator of life.

Yet the older I get, the truer these outrageous ideas become. It now seems highly plausible to me that we sign a prenatal contract with life. It is sealed the moment we are born. It is readable in the stars for those with eyes to see. It becomes our template, our blueprint, our core patterning. It is the agreement our soul makes with life; it is the invisible garment we wear throughout our lives.

I suspected and simultaneously doubted all this in my earlier years. Then came the day that changed the direction and work and meaning of my life forever.


It was just before dawn, the morning after my 44th birthday. I knelt next to my father’s deathbed, praying for his release from the body. My sisters and I had come back to the small West Texas town where my parents grew up to sit vigil with my father during his dying days.

Daddy was a Methodist minister of the old-fashioned sort: He was a sweet man who loved his family and God with equal intensity. In his aging process, his faith faded along with his memory. His last few years were dreamlike— not grounded in the same ordinary existence in which most of us anchor our reality. In short, he was “out of it.” However, he pulled himself together one day to tell my mother and the director of the nursing home that he was ready to die and that he would not take any more food, water, or medica­tion. That day, my sisters and I went home.

Several days later, as I prayed beside Daddy’s bed in that pre-dawn hour, I heard the door open and close behind me. It was still dark outside, and I doubted that anyone might be coming to visit. I assumed it to be a care­taker wanting to check his vital signs. I quickly ended my prayer and stood to greet our guest.

Two angels stood at the doorway. I call them “angels” for lack of a bet­ter word. I had been repulsed by the recent onslaught of tacky angel merchandising in America and had decided, in response, that I did not “believe” in angels. “Angel” is not a word I use lightly.

Here I was, however, standing face-to-face with two very tall, brightly backlit, incredibly benevolent beings. What could they be but angels? I do not know how else to describe them. They had no distinguishing facial char­acteristics that I could see in the dim light of the room. They had no wings—just a magnificent light behind them. They wore clothes of non­descript color. They were simply the embodiment of love. I have never felt such intense appreciation and acceptance—such profound peace.

I glibly asked, “Why did you use the door?” They laughed. But the one on the right countered, “We’re here to open the portals.” I knew that I was in the presence of life’s most holy experience: death.

They told me they had come to take my father home, but first they wanted to talk to me. This conversation was telepathic. There was technically “noth­ing” to it. They asked me to work for them. They said that a body of information was ready to be distributed to people and that they wanted me to bring that information into form. They told me to give the information to anyone who had the wisdom to ask for it.

I was skeptical and fearful. I had no idea what they were asking. As they spoke, I experienced an eerie otherworldly reality. On four different occasions during our conversation, I found myself wandering in a grid-like landscape of geometric form, color, and sound. Nothing else was recognizable. I knew I was in the place of knowledge—the place where everything is known.

I walked into this grid amazed at the magnificently brilliant luminescent lines of light. I have since come to understand those grids as matrices—each matrix being more sophisticated and less personal than the one before. It was as if the first grid were the matrix of my own “higher self,” the second was the matrix of my ancestors or my lineage, the third felt like the matrix of humanity, and the fourth the matrix of the level called “soul.” This last matrix looked like a mandala and was so stunningly beautiful that it brought tears. The information I absorbed from each matrix was pre-verbal and life changing.

I was strangely comfortable in this alien place. I knew that I had been there before although I could not remember when.

After some discussion, I agreed to work for the angels and do the best I could to bring this information into form. Since then, I have spent several years teaching what I learned that day to private clients and small groups. Sometimes, I ask myself why I do this work. I always have the same answer for myself: I have never trusted anyone or anything so completely as I trusted those angel beings.

I watched my daddy’s magnificent transformation that sweet December morning. As the sun rose through the east window in the room, the laser-like first morning’s light beam stabbed my eyes, my daddy breathed his last sigh, and his spirit left the body. After a few minutes of absolute peace, I came back to regular consciousness in an empty room with Daddy’s corpse on the bed, having no real clarity about what had just happened. Later, as my mother and sisters arrived, I considered the possibility that the whole thing had been a figment of my imagination—the result of sleep deprivation.

Over the next several months, however, this promised body of infor­mation formulated itself. Mostly, I received it in dreamtime and then woke up to write it down. Often, I would awaken and sit for a long period of time in receptive meditation. Through these meditations, I received the words that described and communicated this amazing set of teachings.

At the time of my angelic encounter, I had not published a book. And the thought of trying to print and widely distribute something that a couple of angels told me was too astonishingly “New Agey” to consider. However, I did consent to writing it down in my personal journal, and I promised I would tell my few closest friends and students about it. They then told their closest friends, and soon, I was giving “soul contract” readings almost daily. In this book, I use the phrases “soul contract,” “invisible garment,” and “soul pattern” interchangeably. I refer to your being “contracted” with a principle when I explain the principle’s impact on you. I refer to your “wearing” the principle to describe how you (as an agent of the principle’s influence) impact the world.

This book is the result of the work and research that I have been conducting since then. Skeptic and cynic that I am, it took almost a decade of testing this material on hundreds of clients before I was ready to speak publicly about it. By now, however, I have every confidence that this infor­mation is valid, profound, significant—and most importantly, it carries deep truth to the heart of any reader.

This transmission from the angels is a much-needed missing piece in present-day understanding of the meaning of life. It gives one the language to articulate his or her blessing, his or her unique enduring traits, his or her spiritual DNA, his or her invisible garment. I have found in my counseling practice that abstract theory about the soul is not enough for most people. They want to know about themselves—specifically, their soul’s intent. They ask, “Why am I here?” This body of information provides a structure in which you can work to understand your own blessings more thoroughly. This book is carefully organized so that you can clearly understand the fibers that weave your life.



Chapter One, “What is the Soul?” provides an overview of the angel’s radically unique definition of a human’s real relationship to higher consciousness—soul. This information challenges and corrects certain errors in the human belief system about life and death.

Chapter Two, “Constructing Your Personal Weave,” describes a simple and specific technique, usable by anyone, for determining what spiritual prin­ciples function as fibers in your personal weave. Reading your pattern involves using your astrological chart as a basis. However, this work actually has little to do with traditional astrology.

Even if you do not know your astrological chart, you can use your dreams to remember and reconstruct your weave. This chapter outlines some dream-charting techniques to help you do that.



Chapters Three, Four, and Five define the 30 spiritual principles that make up the pattern of a person’s invisible garment. These chapters contain information from many sources, which I have indicated by using different fonts. The words that I received and wrote in my journal that are direct quotes from the angelic beings are in italics. My own words and interpretations are in normal print.

The angels made it clear that these agreements are about being and not doing. However, sometimes, by looking at people’s “doings,” we can better see how their “being” created their life path. Because astrological charts of famous people are readily available on the Internet, I have referenced the prin­ciples of people who may serve as helpful examples as you read each of the principles. These references are also in normal print.

In researching the validity of these teachings, I have taught several classes on these principles over the years, and I often use my students’ responses and realizations in these chapters. Those quotes are in “quotation marks.”

Also, I have drawn extensively from the wisdom of dreamtime. When I use a dream as an example for one of the principles, it is in Garamond font.

Words received from angels – italics

My own words – normal print

Student responses – “quotation marks”

Dreams – ~~~between symbols~~~



The last chapter, “Your Spiritual Wardrobe: Wearing it Daily,” describes how consciously wearing your invisible garment changes your ways of relating to the world. The subheadings describe the kinds of relationships that are transformed by this new understanding of your life’s purpose: “The Relationship to Self”; “The Relationship to One’s Family of Origin”; “The Relationship to One’s Spouse”; “The Relationship to One’s Children”; “The Relationship to One’s Clients or Colleagues”; “The Relationship to One’s Community”; “The Relationship to the Planet, to Life, to God.”

In the Epilogue, I provide a very simple and incredibly powerful meditation you can use to help you remember, live, and wear your unique garment. The “I Am” meditation calls on the holy words, I Am, to remind us of the profound gift of being.


Finally, I have included lengthy but extremely important appendices. These pages are to be used like a reference book. Here, every position in the astro­logical chart is placed in each of the spiritual principles. You can look at the paragraphs in this reference section that apply directly to you and get a short, clear “bottom line” of the meaning of each of the threads in your weave.

Appendix B is a simple chart outlining all the principles and their internal and external points of focus. It is a quick reference to use when you are exploring someone’s principles.

I recommend that as you read this manuscript, you construct your own pattern and those of your nearest loved ones. You will be able to grasp deep meaning in these pages and in your life by reading it this way.

Table of Contents

Remembering Your Invisible Garment

Chapter 1: What is the Soul?
Chapter 2: Constructing Your Personal Weave

PART II: Understanding Your Invisible Garment

Chapter 3: The Ascending Principles (0-9)
Chapter 4: The Containing Principles (10-19)
Chapter 5: The Descending Principles (20-29)

PART III: Wearing Your Invisible Garment

Chapter 6: Your Spiritual Wardrobe: Wearing It Daily

Appendices (Reference Library & Tools)

The “I Am” Meditation