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In THE INVISIBLE GARMENT, Connie Kaplan has expertly laid out 30 spiritual principles that weave the fabric of human life and make up the body of a spiritual wardrobe—a person’s spiritual DNA. Through the principles, we learn how to maintain our spiritual garment for relationships to our self, our spouse, our children, our colleagues, our community, our planet, our life and our God. Couldn’t all of us improve on at least ONE of these relationships?

Dr. Kaplan’s approach to understanding our astrological life chart teaches us how to find our purpose and place through the exploration and interpretation of our dreams.


  • Look at “what’s right with you” rather than “what’s wrong with you.”
  • Liberate yourself to wear YOUR specific garment rather than trying to meet the expectations of others.
  • Understand how you are always supported by an undergarment of simple underlying spiritual principles.
  • Remind yourself of your divine nature.
  • Avoid falling in love with what you think you SHOULD be doing.
  • Dodge the rut of figuring out what to DO before you know what you came here to BE.
  • Stop overanalyzing your “shoulds.”
  • Forget wishing for things to be “tidy”—randomness and chaos breed possibility!

Note: The Print version includes a .pdf for instant viewing!

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4 reviews for The Invisible Garment Book

  1. Annette Hulefeld

    Remembering that we are blessing and gift!
    By Annette Hulefeld on October 2, 2004
    Format: Hardcover
    There are many books circulating that have us trying to figure out “what is my purpose in life” and “what am I supposed to do” with my life. Ah – relax! The search is over! The information in The Invisible Garment reminds us that there is nothing to learn in this lifetime, nothing to be constantly searching for, suffering for. No, the issue is can we remember the gift we are from the heart of the Cosmos – from the heart of mystery. This is not “mumbo jumbo”, being in denial, jargon. As a seasoned psychotherapist and spiritual guide, I can attest that the information about the sacred principles is a missing piece – and most often the turn around point – for my clients. People define themselved in terms of “what is wrong with me – what flaw within me makes me a magnet for disaster- why am I just not good enough”. Over and over, when the material of the principles is presented to clients, there is this huge release – this return to a knowing that “I Am” is the core truth of existence. I urge every professional in the mental health and spiritual guidance fields to read and meditate on this book. You will be grateful for the gift!

  2. Feng Shui By Fishgirl

    2 THUMBS UP!
    By Feng Shui By Fishgirl on September 26, 2004
    Format: Hardcover
    If you loved “Dreams Are Letters From The Soul” as much as I did, you will want to get this new book from Connie Kaplan. Although spun from the gossamer threads of the dream weave, Connie Kaplan’s Invisible Garment has the weight of her substantial spiritual knowledge, the warmth of her personality, and the modern elegance of her prose style. Kaplan has broken it down for us into 30 Spiritual Principles — yes, she covers those two usual suspects “Love” and “Peace”, but, there are other principles less familiar such as “Regeneration” and “Flowering” as well as “Desire” and “Ecstasy” that make for a compelling read. In this book, Kaplan lays out a system that goes beyond astrology and explains how to identify our own soul principles and then guides us in how to integrate those principles into our daily lives. The real work begins when you finish reading the book and “wearing” your own Invisible Garment.

  3. Robin Landry

    I can’t even say how much this book has enlightened me
    By Robin Landry TOP 500 REVIEWER on April 26, 2016
    Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    If you think that astrology just doesn’t work for you, and it never has fulfilled what I was looking for, this is truly something different. Or, rather, this book is not about the ego, but the soul. What does soul want? I always figured that it was our piece of the Creator, but what exactly did that mean? I’ve had half a dozen charts done, and never found much use for any of them, but after hearing Connie Kaplan speak on the Gaia channel, I finally found what I was looking for; my soul’s purpose. And it was far different from anything I had ever heard or been told, after reading this book, I know understand way. We are not to become something in this school of life, we are to gift the material world with the spiritual gifts we came into our bodies already possessing.

    The idea that we need to come here to ‘learn’ something, is somewhat ludicrous when you think about it. If we are holograms of our perfect Creator, then what do we have to learn and improve? With Connie Kaplan’s book we can learn what gifts our soul came here to express. Apparently the world needs exactly what we have to give if we can only let go of societal expectations and follow our hearts to enjoy the life we were meant to live. What a relief to know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with us, but instead, everything right if we allow ourselves to live as our soul desires.

    It’s pretty amazing to think that my own soul’s gift(6) is regeneration, a desire to nourish. I not only bring pets and plants home, but enjoy nothing more than bringing out the best in a shy pet, or a sick plant, and with children, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be able to work in an orphanage because it would cease to exist when I adopted all the children.

    Kaplan teaches that we only have to go with what our soul desires and the rest of our world will line up in a delightful way. How many times have you have things fall into your lap with no apparent effort, yet decided that either it was too easy, therefore of no worth, or that it didn’t meet the expectation of society, that it might be beneath you, or too big a dream to live. I promise that studying this book will help you know yourself better at a soul level and therefore give you peace. I won’t say or ‘your money back’ because it’s not my book, but it really helped me and I’m going to be doing my loved ones charts with the easy to understand method that Kaplan provides. In fact, I’m going to buy her color book next and see how that helps smooth out my life.

  4. carmsauc

    “What am I here for? What is my life’s purpose” in a fresh, gentle and profound message. This book is a tremendous Gift!
    By carmsauc on November 15, 2015
    Format: Hardcover
    This book changed the way I look at life, people and life purpose all-together. With an absolute fresh breeze and loving energy Connie Kaplan gives us the answers to “What am I here for? What is my life’s purpose” in such a gentle and profound message. Not only we learn “what” but we learn “why” about ourselves and about the people around us. It helps us better understand ourselves and people around us -in a way we never knew existed- and helps us forgive what needs to be forgiven and accept and embrace who we are, as wonderful human beings. This book is a tremendous Gift!

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