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For the past few years, America has seen the rapid growth of the dream circle phenomenon, as groups of all ages gather to discuss and interpret one another’s dreams in a collective effort to understand the universal energy of the cosmos and the creative human spirit. Connie Kaplan, dream guide and spiritual counselor, is a leader in this community, and her previous book, THE WOMAN’S BOOK OF DREAMS, has become one of its standard texts.

Kaplan’s new book, DREAMS ARE LETTERS FROM THE SOUL, shows readers that when they sleep and dream, they are actually connecting with the creative force of the universe. In addition to viewing dreams as individual experiences of personal, psychological relevance, Kaplan argues that we need to develop an understanding that in dreaming we revisit our spiritual source. She encourages us to see our dreams as encoded messages from the soul, guiding our collective spiritual growth.

Through her own moving story and the dream journals of her students and of the women in her dream circles, Kaplan describes the various forms of dreams we experience: prophetic, telepathic, ceremonial, shamanic, psychological, healing, and spiritual, to name a few. She explains how we can consciously develop access to the unseen realms of creation, which will help us crack the code of our dreams and turn our life potential into a tangible form for positive change. DREAMS ARE LETTERS FROM THE SOUL redefines the way we think about and relate to our dreams.

Dreams are Letters from the Soul by Connie Kaplan