• What color is your life?
  • What spiritual influences guide your decisions?
  • How do spiritual frequencies operate in our cultures, our government, our religions, our friendships, our families?
  • How are you to interpret and behave in the world that appears to be falling apart?
  • Are you evolving?

Dr. Connie Kaplan’s newest work A Colorful Life helps you answer these questions.

We give strange names to our collective crises:  economic, energy, global warming, terrorism, health care, education, poverty, hunger, unemployment, pollution.  Those words divide, and they avoid accountability.  In fact, the crises are really one:  ethical.  We have created a global moral dilemma.  Shall we lift our veils and unite to solve our problems, or shall we hide, blaming “them”?  Shall we work together to create a world that operates as one healthy organism, or shall we continue to pollute and abuse?  Shall we take responsibility for our errors and correct them, or shall we cower in fear?

A Colorful Life, provides a new metaphor, a 21st Century perspective, a radically truthful vocabulary that gives us the option to bring about the change that we must create in our world. She articulates the spiritual frequencies (colors) that influence our lives, our decisions, our differences, and she gives us tools so that we can embrace differences without building walls to protect them.

This book is not about how you should apply color in your wardrobe, your decorating, or your art. This book uses color as a metaphor for the spiritual frequencies that influence you, and it explains how these invisible frequencies have been operating through you and around you all your life.

Please note that the book was written as a series of six books.  The link you will receive when you purchase is all six books connected in one large download.  Some pages are repeated (like the copyright, the dedication, the acknowledgments), so if you print it you may want to print in sections eliminating those repeats.  Enjoy!!!

A Colorful Life Book by Connie Kaplan