The 30 Spiritual Principles

This teaching from the angels describes 30 spiritual principles that drive human incarnation. These invisible forces or principles weave themselves together to create our physical experience of the world. While humans can and do “work” with all 30 principles during a lifetime, each person is connected in a unique and personal way with a specific few of them. The interrelationship of those principles gives each person the potential for a pro­foundly unique expression of life force.

TreeUsing a tree as a metaphor for all 30 of the principles, the Ascending Principles would be the roots, reaching deep into the earth and then ascending, bringing her nurturance up toward the light. The Descending Principles would be the branches and leaves, reaching high, eating the sunlight, snatching moisture from the air, and then descending in order to interrelate the tree with the heavens, so to speak. The Containing Principles would be the trunk, which create the vessel allowing for the flow of energy and the exchange of information between roots and branches.

When you look at your principles (or those of your loved ones) it’s always interesting to see whether you have more roots, more trunks, or more leaves and branches in your garment. Are you dominant in one kind of principle? Are you fairly equally balanced? What does that say about you? Look here (coming soon) for more information!

The Ascending Principles (Roots)

The first ten principles, numbered 0-9, are called the “Ascending Principles.” They are the most elemental, foundational principles of form. They reach their highest expression through encountering human consciousness. They are natural or belonging to nature. They are fundamentally connected to the natural realm.

0 Placement
1 Innocence
2 Purity
3 Memory
4 Beauty
5 Extension
6 Regeneration
7 Generosity
8 Goodness
9 Awareness

The Containing Principles (Trunk)

The second ten, numbered 10-19, are called the “Containing Principles.” They allow the expression of the soul to extend into the physical world and be expressed in its most efficient way through human consciousness. They create a vessel (container) for form. They are relatively mental, carrying mostly human qualities.

10 Reciprocity
11 Flowering
12 Creativity
13 Intelligence
14 Ecstasy
15 Resistance
16 Unity
17 Attraction
18 Focus
19 Service

The Descending Principles (Branches & Leaves)

The third ten, numbered 20-29, are called the “Descending Principles.” These are the very subtle, galactic principles that reach down into human consciousness to achieve contact with form. They are almost undefinable because of their heavenly qualities.

20 Gratitude
21 Harmony
22 Dreaming
23 Randomness
24 Humility
25 Desire
26 Silence
27 Peace
28 Love
29 Movement