Intelligence Spiritual Principle

Number 13
Outer Focus Human Micro-universes
Inner Focus Nervous System
Rainbow Color Violet
Evolving Color Ruby


While we may use the word intelligence in a conversation to mean IQ or mental prowess, we refer to Intelligence, the spiritual principle, as the information distribution infrastructure in a human.  Intelligence, in other words, measures how you think, not what you think.  Too often our educational systems teach students what to think, what to memorize, what to regurgitate on tests.  That methodology can certainly develop intellect, but it does nothing to enhance the spiritual principle of Intelligence.

My son, Ben, has Intelligence in his garment pattern.  Fortunately, his K-12 teachers, for the most part, taught him how to think.  When he was a freshman in college he took a math class, and because he was an athlete the teacher assumed that brain power wasn’t his forte.  On a test he tackled a very complex problem in a slightly unorthodox way.  He got the correct answer.  He even showed his work.  But because his “work” didn’t mirror the path to the answer that the teacher had demonstrated in class, she marked the problem wrong.  Rather than actually tracking his work, she simply assumed he had cheated – that he had somehow known the correct answer and just written down some gobbelty-gook to pass as “showing his work.”  When he got the test back he was so angry that he asked for a private conference.  When he went in to her office, he walked her though his reasoning step by step.  The teacher was astonished.  Ben had arrived at the correct answer taking a path that simplified her version of “the work.”  Indeed he had come to the correct answer legitimately.  She changed his grade.  Then she called his coach and said,  “Ben is too smart to be playing baseball.”

When one allows the spiritual principle of Intelligence to operate in his or her life, answers will come, albeit in unorthodox, unexpected, unusual forms.   Your job, with Intelligence in your garment, is to let truth bypass your socialization and educational training.

I saw a comment recently that I shall keep as a mantra:  Don’t ever let schooling interfere with your education.

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