Beyond Psychological Dreaming

This blog consists of many new, in-the-now thoughts from me, blending with some statements about the dreaming work I teach mined by AI from my book Dreams are Letters from the Soul.   Beyond Psychological Dreaming Paul Simon’s music and lyrics have escorted and supported me in my entire adult life. Recently he released a new album entitled Seven Psalms. Imagine my delight when I learned that the album’s concept came in a dream -- that the music riffs were inspired in the dream, and that the lyrics themselves were delivered in his middle-of-the-night writings when waking up from dreams.  He reports that the initial dream was actually a voice speaking [...]

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Redefining Dreaming

These next few blog posts are a collaboration between me and AI.  We uploaded some of the things I’ve written on these topics and asked our AI “friend” to create a blog post.  I then edited it for accuracy, and voila!  Let me know what you think. -- Connie Kaplan Redefining Dreaming Unlocking the Mysteries of the Dreamworld In this article, we redefine dreaming. We will explore the idea that dreams are not just random stories that occur during sleep but rather encounters with universal truths and cosmic energies. By redefining dreaming, we can tap into the full potential of this mysterious realm and unlock its transformative power. Expanding Our Definition [...]

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Authentic BE-ingness

When I teach people about the spiritual principles that make up their invisible garment pattern, I speak long and often about authenticity. So when I write, I want my readers to know who I am, where I am, why I feel moved to say what I have to say. I strive to be authentic. My heart hurts today. This world is not the world I intended to hand to my children. Right now, I’m sitting in my favorite chair, still in my jammies, alternating between reading the Sunday NY Times, listening to the talking heads on TV, writing on my computer, drinking the one cup of coffee I allow myself each [...]

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Solar Eclipse – 2017

Many people have written privately to ask me what I’m thinking about the eclipse tomorrow. I hadn’t written about it before, because it seems like everyone with a working brain has an opinion. But because of the number of requests I’ve received in the last couple of days, I’ll make this statement. I have always said that whenever something happens in the world (or universe) that attracts a bunch of people’s minds into focusing on the same thing, our “better angels” use that event to infiltrate collective consciousness. That event can be OJ driving up and down the 405 in the white Bronco, the Harmonic Convergence, Princess Diana’s wedding, or 9-11. [...]

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Gratitude and Polarization

“There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. That is how civilizations heal.” Toni Morrison Toni Morrison wrote these words to artists, but I’m sharing them with you as a spiritual practitioner of Life. This is the time when we must all step up, lifting everyone around us as we go. I’m writing this at the end of the week when former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The pundits have been jabbering about what he said, but there was one sentence he said – almost a throw-away line - that really spoke to me: “I am [...]

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Discerning Truth: Your Built-in Truth Detector

In this era of “fake news” and “alternative facts” our ability to discern what is true has been seriously compromised, don’t you agree? I've read dozens of articles and blogs lately authored by people who affirm that we have to find new ways of identifying and defining truth. However, none of those blogs or articles tells us HOW to discern what is true – no one has given us a map. I have a map for you. Read on. Some of us believe that “truth” is absolute – that it is based on factual, verifiable data, period, amen. The other end of that polarity is that “truth” is relative, contextual, dependent [...]

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Resistance and Patience

Spiritual Parenting - even when it's tough! A few weeks ago my all-grown-up daughter came over for a visit. She expressed interest in finding some pictures of herself in middle school – during her “goth” phase - so we began rifling through the picture boxes. In the course of it all, she opened a door to a cabinet and discovered many many little books. “ Those are my journals,” I explained. After a few quiet and thoughtful moments she said, “Mom, my brother and I don’t need to read your journals. So at some point before you die, will you please get rid of them?” We laughed heartily, as I have [...]

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Love and Politics

Politics as a spiritual practice. . . Today I want to talk about the spiritual principle called Love. I’m betting that not too many people who read my blogs want to hear about Love and Donald Trump in the same conversation. But I’m not going to talk to you about “loving” Trump. I’m going to talk about Love as a spiritual practice, Love as a way of being, Love as a life path. Love is not a feeling or something you extend to someone else. Love is an internal state of mind that demands truthfulness, integrity, and profound courage. I have Love in my invisible garment pattern in the Uranus (authentic [...]

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Donald Trump and Randomness

According to the mystical information given to me which we now call “The Invisible Garment”, at the moment of his or her first breath every person takes a deep commitment to deliver a gift from the dimension of soul into the dimension of form.  That gift can be defined and articulated through some very simple steps. Your job as a human is to allow this gift to be delivered through you – by BEING the gift, by LIVING according to your unique soul pattern.  There is one more thing:  It is imperative that you assist everyone else in delivering his or her gift, too. What does this have to do with [...]

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