Many people have written privately to ask me what I’m thinking about the eclipse tomorrow. I hadn’t written about it before, because it seems like everyone with a working brain has an opinion. But because of the number of requests I’ve received in the last couple of days, I’ll make this statement.

I have always said that whenever something happens in the world (or universe) that attracts a bunch of people’s minds into focusing on the same thing, our “better angels” use that event to infiltrate collective consciousness.

That event can be OJ driving up and down the 405 in the white Bronco, the Harmonic Convergence, Princess Diana’s wedding, or 9-11. Whatever the event, the important thing is not the event itself, but the opportunity for a collective shift in consciousness due to the mass focus on the event.

Yes, this eclipse is a big astrological deal. But I have to remind you that according to the teachings the angels gave us, which I have named The Invisible Garment, every moment is a big astrological deal. Every time a new human being comes into the world and takes his or her first breath, that being is swaddled in a spiritual weave that paves his or her path in this incarnation. No event is astrologically more important than that one for any of us!

I hope everyone will be keenly attentive during the eclipse tomorrow. I hope everyone will celebrate it, observe it, ceremonialize it in whatever way your spiritual garment guides you to do.

I look at the eclipse as an opportunity to be attentive to how my sun principle and my moon principle work together to influence my partnership with Life Force!