Awakening Resources

Recommended Reading List

I recommend the following materials because I believe you can extract truth from them.

Dream Books

  • Abelar, Taisha. The Sorcerer’s Crossing: A Woman’s Journey. New York: Viking Penguin, 1993.
  • *Castaneda, Carlos. Journey to Ixtlan. New York: Simon & Schuster Trade, 1991.
  • Donner, Florinda. Being in Dreaming. San Francisco: Harper San Francisco, 1992.
  • Frankiel, Tamar and Greenfeld, Judy. Entering the Temple of Dreams: Jewish Prayers, Movements, & Meditations for the End of the Day. Woodstock, Vermont: Jewish Lights, 2000.
  • Guiley, Rosemary Ellen. Dreamwork for the Soul: A Spiritual Guide to Dream Interpretation. New York: Berkeley Books, 1998.
  • Norbu, Mankhai. Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light. Ithaca, New York: Snow Lion Publications, 1992.
  • Rael, Joseph with Mary Elizabeth Marlow. Being & Vibration. Tulsa, Oklahoma: Council Oaks Books, 1993.
  • *Sams, Jamie. Dancing the Dream: The Seven Sacred Paths of Human Transformation. San Francisco: Harper San Francisco, 1998.
  • *Some, Malidoma Patrice. The Healing Wisdom of Africa: Finding Life Purpose Through Nature, Ritual and Community. New York: Tarcher/Putnam, 1998.
  • Valencia, Heather. Queen of Dreams: The Story of a Yaqui Dreaming Woman. New York: Simon and Schuster Trade, 1993.
  • Vaughan-Lee, Llewellyn. Catching the Thread: Sufism, Dreamwork & Jungian Psychology. Inverness, California: The Golden Sufi Center, 1998.
  • Vaughan-Lee, Llewellyn. In the Company of Friends. Inverness, California: The Golden Sufi Center, 1994.
  • Wangyal Rinpoche, Tenzin. The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep. Ithaca, New York: Snow Lion Publications, 1998.
  • Young, Serinity. Dreaming in the Lotus: Buddhist Dream Narrative, Imagery and Practice. Boston: Wisdom Publications, 1999.

*or any title by this author

Science Books

  • Rubin Naiman.  Healing Night:  The Science and Spirit of Sleeping, Dreaming and Awakening,  Syren Book Company, 2006.
  • Bentov, Itzhak. Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness. Rochester, Vt: Inner Traditions International, 1988.
  • *Capra, Fritjof. The Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism. Boston: Shambhala, 1991.
  • Sheldrake, Rupert. The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance & the Habits of Nature. Rochester, Vermont: Park Street Press, 1988.
  • Sheldrake, Rupert & Matthew Fox. The Physics of Angels: Exploring the Realm Where Science and Spirit Meet. San Francisco: Harper San Francisco, 1996.
  • Swimme, Brian and Thomas Berry. The Universe Story. San Francisco: Harper San Francisco, 1992.
  • Swimme, Brian. The Universe is a Green Dragon: A Cosmic Creation Story. Santa Fe, NM: Bear & Co., 1984.

*or any title by this author

Mythology Books

  • Fox, Matthew. Breakthrough: Meister Eckhart’s Creation spirituality in New Translation. New York: Doubleday, 1980.
  • Harvey, Andrew. The Return of the Mother. Berkeley, California: Frog, Ltd., 1995.
  • Harvey, Andrew: The Way of Passion: A Celebration of Rumi. Berkeley, California: Frog, Ltd., 1994.
  • Sri Aurobindo. Letters on Yoga (I, II, III). Pondicherry, India: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1970.
  • Sri Aurobindo. The Mother. Twin Lakes, Wisconsin: Lotus Light Publications, 1994.


  • Berry, Thomas. The Great Work. New York: Bell Tower, 1999.
  • Berry, Thomas. The Dream of the Earth. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books, 1988.
  • Braden, Gregg. The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy. New York: Harmony Books, 2,000.
  • Chopra, Deepak. The Way of the Wizard. New York: Harmony Books, 1995.
  • Frankiel, Tamar and Judy Greenfeld. Minding the Temple of the Soul: Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit through Traditional Jewish Prayer, Movement and Meditation. Woodstock, VT: Jewish Lights Publishing, 1997.
  • Harvey, Andrew. The Direct Path. New York: Broadway Books, 2000.
  • Richards, M.C. Centering in Pottery, Poetry, and the Person. Middletown, Connecticut: The Wesleyan University Press, 1989.
  • Sams, Jamie. Animal Medicine: A Guide to Claiming Your Spirit Allies (audio tape series). Boulder, Colorado: Sounds True, 1997.
  • Starbird, Margaret. The Woman With the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail. Santa Fe, New Mexico: Bear & Company, 1993.
  • Steiner, Rudolf. Colour. Sussex: Rudolf Steiner Press, 1982.
  • Thoreau, Henry David. A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers. Walden. New York: The Library of America, 1985.