Are you concerned, confused, and a little heartbroken about the state of our world right now?
Are you bewildered about how to contribute to the solution and not be tossed around by the chaos?

The answer is to BE your best self

to be Who You Are 

to remember WHY you took this incarnation.

To that end, I have created several opportunities for you in the upcoming year. . .opportunities for growth and transformation!

Take a look and see what fits best for you.


Here’s an overview of what’s coming up this fall

Over The Rainbow – AUGUST 30 (16 Weeks) Prerequisite: all invisible garment classes and established color class.

Universal Pillars – SEPTEMBER 8 (6 Weeks) Prerequisite: Personal Trinity and Personal Pillars class

Dreaming – OCTOBER 11 (8 Weeks) Prerequisite: None

Universal Pillars – NOVEMBER 8 (6 Weeks) Prerequisite: Personal Trinity and Personal Pillars class


Dream Circle Classes – 

BY POPULAR DEMAND, in the fall of 2019 (and then every season after that), we will offer on-line dreaming classes.  Sign up for the dream circle mailing list (see below!) if you want to be included on the information for those classes.

Meanwhile, please go to the new turtledreamers website and check out the opportunities to share your dreams with other wise dreaming women (and men.)  

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Workbook Classes

The Invisible Garment Workbook Classes are taught in a unique model.  Each week during the class you have access to four or five short videos explaining specific aspects of the work.  In addition, each week you can choose to be a part of a group conversation about that week’s lesson, or you will be able to listen to the recording later in your own timing.  You will be mentored by long-time students of the work, and you will have the option of a private session with Connie Kaplan.  This asynchronous model gives you wide latitude in the timing of studying the work, and it has proved to be profoundly popular with our Invisible Garment Family.
The Personal Trinity Class focusing on the first three principles of your invisible garment pattern turns out to be a very exciting transformational tool!  It gives you that sense of Who You Are – the part of you that never changes, even in tumultuous times!  It’s available NOW in DIY format (meaning you study privately with a mentor and do it in your own timing.)
The second workbook class is called The Personal Pillars Class.  This one focuses on the four principles that make up your ego – the ethical body, the mental body, the emotional body, and the physical body.  In this class we study the “lies” that we have inadvertently woven into our belief systems about ourselves – lies which prevent us from BE-ing our most holy selves.  AND, most importantly we learn a powerful tool for ridding ourselves of those lies.  The goal of this class is to emerge with a balanced, clear, authentic understanding of who we are in the world.
The third workbook class, The Universal Pillars class, explores how the universe supports your incarnation.   While the Personal Pillars anchor us in the material world, the Universal Pillars remind us to keep one foot in cosmic reality. 
As each class comes on line starting in January 2020, I will send out emails to everyone on the list who has chosen the “workbook classes” preference.  Make next year your most fulfilling and transforming year!

Please make sure you are on the mailing list:

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Color Work Classes

In 2019 we launched a class based on the book, A Colorful Life.   The color work takes you out of your study about yourself and into an understanding of how these 30 spiritual principles work together to create our cultures.  You’ll explore how societies evolve, repeat patterns, and self-regulate.

This model is similar to the Invisible Garment Workbook classes:  videos, group calls, mentoring, private sessions with Connie.  It will be offered again in the spring of 2020.  Put your name on the mailing list if you would like information about it.

While I highly recommend that you take the first three classes before you do the color work, you may have worked with me before now, you may have been playing with your workbook for a long time, and therefore you may feel ready to dive into this.  If that’s the case sign up for this email group.

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Spiritual Parenting Guidance

Wouldn’t your life have been different if your parents had known Who You Are as they raised you?  Wouldn’t it be a great gift to the children in your life to be able to see them for Who They Are, and raise them to know that?  Enroll in this class and learn. . .

  • how to introduce your children to their spiritual principles,
  • how to “parent” your kids based on their principles
  • how two (or more) parents can “get on the same page” with their parenting goals
  • how to set a new family dynamic paradigm rooted in the invisible garment principles of everyone involved!

I think this – raising our children to know Who They Are – may be the most important work we all have ahead for all of us.  (If you are not a parent but have a teenager or youngster in your life, this is also the class for you!  It will be personalized to your situation.)

Learn More and Enroll

Also make sure you’re on the mailing list, as I will periodically be offering different kinds of opportunities to study the work from the parenting perspective.

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Class: Living Your Sun Principle

Hi this is Connie Kaplan and I am inviting you to listen to these lessons that we have created about living your Sun Principle, delivering your gift from the level of soul into the level of form.

I just want to say two things about what it is to live your Sun Principle to Deliver YOUR Gift:

The first one is that when you really learn what your gift is what you’re learning is who you are and when you understand who you are that gives you absolute permission to eliminate everything that you are NOT. That is the main treasure that this Invisible Garment information has for you. It gives you permission to eliminate who you are not. So many things that you’ve been taught by this culture about how you should behave and how you should be and how you should think of yourself are just lies that you can completely eliminate when you learn to study who you are, when you learn to embody who you are.

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