As you listen to these lessons that we have created about living your Sun Principle, you will learn about delivering your gift from the level of soul into the level of form.

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I just want to say two things about what it is to live your Sun Principle to Deliver YOUR Gift:

The first one is that when you really learn what your gift is what you’re learning is who you are and when you understand who you are that gives you absolute permission to eliminate everything that you are NOT. That is the main treasure that this Invisible Garment information has for you. It gives you permission to eliminate who you are not. So many things that you’ve been taught by this culture about how you should behave and how you should be and how you should think of yourself are just lies that you can completely eliminate when you learn to study who you are, when you learn to embody who you are.

Secondly, and most importantly, when you have learned who you are and when you operate daily from moment to moment out of who you are you are no longer narcissistic, you are no longer so interested in yourself that you can’t communicate with other people. You know typically when we are in communication with other people, when we are in relationship with other people whether it is a spouse or a friend or a child or a parent or a colleague. When we are trying to communicate with that person we are so self-absorbed, unconsciously, but still so self-absorbed that we can’t hear what the other person is saying fully and we can’t perceive what that other person is hearing from us. I am telling you this, when you know what your sun principle is, when you have embodied your Sun Principle, when you are fully alive in delivery your gift, your unique gift to the planet then you understand that in any giving situation all you are seeing is a little microcosm of wholeness and you can perceive what the other person is experiencing of you as well as what you are experiencing of them because you aren’t dragging along a whole personal history into every conversation that keeps you from being able to communicate, to listen, to fully embrace the situation that you’re in. It is a magnificent, it is a mystical, it is an expansive way to live. I can’t encourage you enough to learn to embody your Sun Principle and to deliver your gift with joy and randomness and freedom and spontaneous delight.

Living Your Sun Principle Class

Lesson 01:  Sun Principle, Elements, Quadrants, Soul Clusters, Astrological Houses

Lesson 02:  The Ascending Principles (0-9)

Lesson 03:  The Containing Principles (10-19)

Lesson 04:  The Descending Principles (20-29)

Lesson 05:  Live your Sun Principle, Perspective, Delivering Your Gift

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