During the workbook class you will examine each of the twelve threads in your invisible garment pattern – one per class. In addition you will learn from other people in the class about principles that may not be in your pattern. Each class will be recorded so if you have to miss one, you will still be able to hear what your classmates shared. As with everything we offer on www.theinvisiblegarment.com, this class helps you remember Who You Are.

There was an invitation letter sent that described the class and the schedule in more detail. Please e-mail Cammie Doty at cammiedoty@gmail.com if you did not receive that letter and you want to know more specifics about the class.


Cammie has studied with Connie Kaplan since 1998, when she was the publicist for her first book, The Woman’s Book of Dreams. She has been a member of Connie’s mystery school, which is an intensive study of all Connie’s works, since it was formed in 2004. The mystery school retreats once a year and Skypes weekly in ongoing study. Cammie has also taught Invisible Garment Study Classes, using the Invisible Garment Workbook.