USA Healing and Reconstruction

At the beginning of the summer (2016) I offered a bi-weekly conference-call class during which I presented the idea that the present political campaign season is actually functioning as an evolutionary agent for our culture. During the first session I offered an analogy which we’ve used throughout the summer. I shared that when my husband and I built a second story on our house in the early 90’s, because of the earthquake code in Southern California the second story had to be built on a separate foundation from the first. The builders had to open walls and dig deeply into the earth to create a foundation made of steel beams for [...]

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Quantum Conversations

In this Quantum Conversation with Connie Kaplan we will learn... Our dreams are not necessarily about “us” – but rather they are metaphors describing a cosmic experience we have as our consciousness travels toward the lap of the Soul during sleep. Each of us is born bearing a specific “gift” that we are to deliver to humanity, and we can know what that gift is and learn the most efficient ways to deliver it! There are specific cosmic frequencies at work in you life and in your culture, which are primary influences in our journey toward the evolution of the New Being.

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I’ll start with Steve, a child who falls within the autism spectrum.  I’m starting with him because there are so many “Steves” right now that the conversation about the special needs of autistic children seems to dominate parenting conversations. Steve’s parents divorced when he was seven.   Prior to the divorce, they didn’t notice anything particularly unusual about Steve, other than he was a loner in the family.  But almost immediately when the parents separated he began dissociating at home and his teachers noticed that he was disorganized and unable to attend to the details of his schoolwork.  However, his story-telling abilities and his creative use of language flourished.  He began demonstrating [...]

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The Soul Tree

First let’s discuss the three distinctions that exist within the thirty principles:  Ascending, Containing and Descending. I often use a tree as an analogy for these categories. The first 10 principles (numbered 0-9) compose the root system; the second 10 (numbered 10-19) create the trunk; the last 10 (numbered 20-29) constitute the branches and leaves. This visual helps us imagine the human soul as one unified field made up of many unique elements. Each principle has an inner focus and an outer focus.  This means that each spiritual principle bridges the “in here” and the “out there” in a specific way, and therefore each principle in your garment pattern influences [...]

Open Minds with Regina Meredith

Open Minds: Your Reason for Living with Connie Kaplan (April 2016) Season 6, Episode 19 Available worldwide Runtime: 1:03:05 Watch for FREE After a bout with a mysterious illness, Connie Kaplan was gifted with a unique understanding of the self and soul. This came with the message to help people resolve their misunderstandings of human incarnation and the evolution of the soul. Through a unique astrological system, based on this information, she now helps people to discover their reason for living by gaining a deeper understanding of the soul and its connection to the unified field of consciousness. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast April 21, 2016. Raised in [...]

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Charting Your Soul’s Purpose

Charting Your Soul's Purpose, Connie Kaplan & Sandie Sedgbeer Who am I? Why am I here? And what is my purpose?  For centuries, humans have looked to astrology and numerology to provide them with answers to these perennial questions. Now, the Invisible Garment provides the missing link between understanding the persona, gifts and potential of our present self, and uncovering the hidden gifts, knowledge, mastery, and true purpose of our Soul. In The Invisible Garment, Connie Kaplan outlines 30 spiritual principles that the fabric of human life and make up the body of our spiritual wardrobe—our spiritual DNA. Knowing which principles influence your life opens a door to the mystery of [...]

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Awakening Zone Radio Interview

Awakening Zone Radio Interview Are you a dreamer? Join me as I continue my conversation with experienced dreamer Connie Kaplan about her book The Invisible Garment. In The Invisible Garment, Kaplan has expertly lays out 30 spiritual principles that weave the fabric of human life and make up the body of a spiritual wardrobe—a person’s spiritual DNA. Through the principles, we learn how to maintain our spiritual garment for relationships to our self, our spouse, our children, our colleagues, our community, our planet, our life and our God. Couldn’t all of us improve on at least ONE of these relationships?

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