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Over the many years since the original experience that brought the invisible garment information to us, I’ve been its student, its scribe, its primary voice in the world. Of course, as a result of practicing this new spiritual system that TIG offers, I’ve found many ways to deepen and more fully understand the work. I’ve thought about writing an adjunct book, but for now I’m going to let my ever-unfolding understanding of the work come to you through my blog posts.

The key to fully understanding this work is in remembering that we are here to allow Life Force to express itself through us. We are the mysterious beings that give hospitality to an even greater mystery. The way we allow mystery/Life Force to express through us is in part determined by the types of principles woven into our garment patterns. This blog will consist of posts that attempt to help you understand your own “I Am-ness” more thoroughly.

Hugs, Connie

Authentic BE-ingness

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When I teach people about the spiritual principles that make up their invisible garment pattern, I speak long and often about authenticity. So when I write, I want my readers to know who I am, where I am, why I feel moved to say what I have to say. I strive to be authentic. My heart hurts today. This world is not the world I intended to hand to my children. Right now, I’m sitting in my favorite chair, still in my jammies, alternating between reading the Sunday NY Times, listening to the talking heads on TV, writing on my computer, drinking the one cup of coffee I allow myself each [...]

Discerning Truth: Your Built-in Truth Detector

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In this era of “fake news” and “alternative facts” our ability to discern what is true has been seriously compromised, don’t you agree? I've read dozens of articles and blogs lately authored by people who affirm that we have to find new ways of identifying and defining truth. However, none of those blogs or articles tells us HOW to discern what is true – no one has given us a map. I have a map for you. Read on. Some of us believe that “truth” is absolute – that it is based on factual, verifiable data, period, amen. The other end of that polarity is that “truth” is relative, contextual, dependent [...]

Donald Trump and Randomness

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According to the mystical information given to me which we now call “The Invisible Garment”, at the moment of his or her first breath every person takes a deep commitment to deliver a gift from the dimension of soul into the dimension of form.  That gift can be defined and articulated through some very simple steps. Your job as a human is to allow this gift to be delivered through you – by BEING the gift, by LIVING according to your unique soul pattern.  There is one more thing:  It is imperative that you assist everyone else in delivering his or her gift, too. What does this have to do with [...]

The Soul Tree

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First let’s discuss the three distinctions that exist within the thirty principles:  Ascending, Containing and Descending. I often use a tree as an analogy for these categories. The first 10 principles (numbered 0-9) compose the root system; the second 10 (numbered 10-19) create the trunk; the last 10 (numbered 20-29) constitute the branches and leaves. This visual helps us imagine the human soul as one unified field made up of many unique elements. Each principle has an inner focus and an outer focus.  This means that each spiritual principle bridges the “in here” and the “out there” in a specific way, and therefore each principle in your garment pattern influences [...]