In this era of “fake news” and “alternative facts” our ability to discern what is true has been seriously compromised, don’t you agree?

I’ve read dozens of articles and blogs lately authored by people who affirm that we have to find new ways of identifying and defining truth. However, none of those blogs or articles tells us HOW to discern what is true – no one has given us a map.

I have a map for you. Read on.

Some of us believe that “truth” is absolute – that it is based on factual, verifiable data, period, amen. The other end of that polarity is that “truth” is relative, contextual, dependent on circumstances.

Actually both ends of the “what is truth?” polarity are “true.” In order for something to be true in our world, it has to be based on verifiable facts AND it has to be understood within the context in which it was stated.

Most importantly, one has to keep in mind that “truth” in the human world is never ever eternal. The people who believed that the world was flat weren’t stupid. They weren’t liars. They weren’t victims of fake news. They were living within the boundaries of their own verifiable limitations. So are we. When those limitations change, “truth” changes.

For purposes of this blog I’m putting “truth” in quotation marks to emphasize the difference between what appears to be “true” in the world as different from Cosmic Truth – which can’t be quantified and can only be experienced. Cosmic Truth is a dimension, not a data base. But that’s another blog. . .

To recognize “truth” we also must realize that a large part of our vernacular is filled with lies that we just say, even though we know they’re not true. For example, “the sun rises in the east.” Not. The sun doesn’t rise at all (absolute data). We all know the sun doesn’t rise. We all know that the earth turns and creates the illusion that the sun rises, but we still say “the sun rises. . .” knowing that everyone who hears us use that phrase knows what we mean (context.)

That said, if you’re willing and able to expand your imagination wide enough to hold the two ends of the “truth polarity,” then you’re well on your way to awakening your invisible garment’s built-in internal truth detector.

So, let’s investigate this built-in system.

Pull out your invisible garment chart and make note of your Saturn principle and your Uranus principle. Through blending the influence of these two principles, you will understand how you can determine “truth.”

First, here’s how Saturn works in your system. You receive data into your brain through your various senses. It’s one of the amazing things about humans that we have five avenues through which we experience the world, and we synthesize them so effortlessly that only rarely are we confused by the multi-directional information flow. But what happens in the head brain is where your Saturn principle becomes part of your truth detector. That data, whether it comes in the form of light through the eyes, smell through the nose, sound waves through the ears, taste through the mouth or tactile sensations through the skin, gets interpreted via electrical firings in the brain. The Saturn principle represents your worldview – it influences the way your brain interprets that data.

Recently I listened to an interview of George Lakoff, a brilliant author and cognitive linguist. He spoke at length about how our worldview influences what we are able to hear/see/interpret. I highly recommend your checking him out: He said in this interview (I’m paraphrasing): Your worldview defines your “truth,” and you constantly search for validation for that worldview. Most adults cannot even consider data that doesn’t fit their worldview. Conversely, if you hear something that validates your worldview, even if you know it’s factually not true, your brain considers the statement to be more important than the fact.

Yes, that’s very accurate. That’s the reason we must employ spiritual practice into our lives. We must be willing first and foremost to know and understand our worldview (which may also be called our unconscious bias), and to understand how to expand, evolve, mature that worldview!

So, step one in activating your internal truth detector is to check your own worldview (the influence of your Saturn principle in your brain.) If you resonate with something you hear, ask yourself if that resonance is because it validates what you BELIEVE to be true (unconscious bias.) If you hear something with which you do not resonate, ask yourself if that failure to resonate is because it contradicts your belief system. Being willing to recognize your own bias, and/or to consider something you “just can’t believe” becomes vital in this process.

Example. My Saturn principle is Regeneration. That principle influences me to resonate with information I receive if it feels renewing, restorative, revitalizing. The influence of Regeneration causes me to reject ideas or data that feel destructive, unkind, hurtful. So I must always starts with that – looking at how my internal, unconscious bias interfaces with my understanding of what I’m seeing/hearing.

I realize this example will be ancient history soon, but I’ll use it for now. I believe that the people involved in Trump campaign and who are serving in the Trump Administration have some deep ties with Russian intelligence communities and their interference in the 2016 election. Why? On the surface that idea sounds destructive, but it restores my faith in the democratic system to understand the result of the campaign as designed by outside forces. Otherwise, I have to lose faith in a process that “elects” the person who did not win the popular vote. Note, this belief of mine, based on my worldview/bias of Regeneration, is receiving more validation from hard data being uncovered almost daily (facts), and it is also being substantiated regularly with evidence that not one but many of Trump’s surrogates met more than once with the Russian Ambassador (context.)

On the other hand, I can’t find it in my worldview to believe that President Obama had Donald Trump’s telephone wire tapped – legally or illegally – during the campaign. There is nothing I can find that is regenerative about that idea. Nor has that idea been corroborated with any facts (hard data), nor does it resonate in any way with anything that happened during the Obama Administration (context.) I remember that the Obama Administration was the first in my lifetime in which there were no investigations, no shadowy implications of corruption (except from the people identified as extreme Right, of course – many of whom are serving in the Trump Administration.)

Okay, so that is part one of the personal truth detector that our invisible garment pattern provides: The information must resonate with your Saturn principle.

Part two has to do with your Uranus principle – the thread in your garment pattern that emerges periodically to remind you of Who You Are authentically. When the Uranus principle surfaces, you suddenly have a sense of well-being, a memory of yourself as a sacred part of the Whole, a certitude that you are good. That energy occurs because the Uranus principle connects your heart-mind and the electro-magnetic field around you to the earth, to the cosmos. Because of the Uranus principle in your garment pattern, you are able to recognize your interconnection with Oneness.

My Uranus principle is Love. Love, of course, reinforces my sense of Oneness with everything and everyone. I’m lucky that way.

If the information that you take in makes you feel separated from Oneness, it’s not true information. Oneness – Source – God – Intelligence – use any word you want to describe it – does not perpetuate the lie of separation.

And so let’s return to my examples. Russian interference in the democratic process ironically makes me feel in Oneness with the cosmic push-pull of evolution and forward movement. Every move forward toward political and social equanimity (at least every one that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime) evokes a backlash. The 2016 election and the “foreign” intrusion in it is the backlash to the progress made in the prior eight years toward social justice and equilibrium. I get that. I can expand my worldview of Regeneration enough to see that backlash often results in a deeper rooting of the progress. Furthermore, Love helps me see that knowing the truth, even when what is true seems “bad” creates in me a sense of Oneness.

The other example – the suggestion that President Obama became a secret intelligence agent who wire tapped Trump Tower’s phones – doesn’t resonate with either Regeneration or Love.   That idea doesn’t give me a back-door insight into anything. That concept just raises more concerns about Trump’s paranoia and mental stability.

So, the suggestion I’m making here is this. When you hear something, read something, witness something, your first task is to measure it against your Saturn principle. Now be aware, it’s important to recognize that your “worldview” may have been contaminated along the way by your schooling, your peers, the morphic field of ideas in which you surround yourself. So first, be honest with yourself and examine nakedly how purely the Saturn principle operates within your head-brain when you interpret data. And then ask yourself scrupulously how the data you’re interpreting resonates with your Saturn principle.

Your second task is to measure that interpretation against your Uranus principle. Does your mental understanding of what you’ve heard/read/witnessed make you understand Oneness, or does it separate you from Who You Are?

I realize this suggestion I’m making – that you have a built in truth detector – requires some work on your part. The work you must do is become ruthlessly honest with yourself. You must not wander into the labyrinth of becoming your own spin doctor. You must look deeply at the principles that influence you, and LET THEM influence you as you faithfully look at the reality around you.

Don’t be fooled by the lies. Stop believing that the earth is flat or that the sun rises. Start realizing that your own authenticity is the only source, the only pundit, you need.