Donald Trump

According to the mystical information given to me which we now call “The Invisible Garment”, at the moment of his or her first breath every person takes a deep commitment to deliver a gift from the dimension of soul into the dimension of form.  That gift can be defined and articulated through some very simple steps.

Your job as a human is to allow this gift to be delivered through you – by BEING the gift, by LIVING according to your unique soul pattern.  There is one more thing:  It is imperative that you assist everyone else in delivering his or her gift, too.

What does this have to do with our present political and cultural situation?

Well, for reasons I can’t fully understand because I didn’t live in those times, our forefathers created foundational documents that were highly paradoxical – ironic even.  They used words like “We the people. . .” and “all men are created equal. . .” and  “fundamental human rights for all. . .” – but they actually granted those rights to a very few.  Blacks were considered 3/5 of a person but not allowed to vote. Other than for census-taking, women and children were not considered at all, nor were men who didn’t own property.  So from the “git-go” our country has been in part about defining and re-defining “we the people.”  From the very beginning, the people of this country seem to have been granted, by the Constitution, the right to “other” the “they” who are not considered part of the “we” du jour.

Because of the most recent election the country finds itself in the process of redefining  “we” once again.  Unfortunately, too many of us are reveling in the opportunity of “other” again.   My friends, the only way this experiment in democracy can survive is for us to stop participating in the divide and start finding ways that “for the common good” can be our country’s ethical mantra – our cultural plumb line.

As spiritual practitioners and responsible citizens, our challenge right now is to “un-other” each other.  We can all agree that we are deeply divided, and that we are right (whatever side you’re on, whatever “we” you use to define yourself – that’s the right one in your mind.)

It seems also abundantly clear that we can’t talk our way into agreement.  Compromise has become obsolete, weak.  Reasoning and facts have lost their authority in public debate.  In fact, civil treatment has also dissolved as a priority in our culture.   I can hear you thinking that it’s “them” that created all these problems, but ask yourself whether you are “othering” right now, and if you are… you’re the problem.

Let’s Talk Donald Trump

So let’s talk about Donald Trump.  According to The Invisible Garment process, his primary gift to the world is to BE the principle of Randomness.  According to his astrological chart, that gift shows up most powerfully in his career.  One might say that if he allows himself to BE his most sacred self, then he becomes a teacher and an ambassador and a demonstrator of chaos theory.

Randomness works like this:  An old pattern (think of a kaleidoscope) breaks down and before a new pattern appears, there is chaos.  A mature person who has Randomness in his or her chart becomes a stabilizing agent during that chaotic period, knowing that the new pattern will emerge after all the factors, known and unknown, present themselves.

A simplistic example might be when you do something in your home to improve it – say update a bathroom.  The deconstruction period is fast and furious, and even if you have carefully picked out all the appliances, the tiles or surfaces, the hardware, and drawn the new plans meticulously, you never know what kind of unexpected things will be revealed when the floor is pulled up, the walls are opened, the plumbing unconcealed, the infrastructure unveiled.  But there will be something. . .and the test is whether you can hold the rudder and navigate the rough seas, changing the plans to compensate for the unseen and unexpected.

Now we’ve all observed Donald Trump’s skill at creating chaos (deconstruction) and using it to his advantage.  He has demonstrated to us that he can shake up the kaleidoscope so that the stones that created the former beautiful and reliable pattern suddenly go into chink-a-chink randomness and completely pull the foundation out from under the whole idea of reliability – of any indication that a pattern any longer exists.

What we haven’t seen from him is the other part of chaos theory.  Chaos theory states, basically, that while the present appears to determine the future (well-made plans), the Randomness (I capitalize that word to stress its spiritual and energetic importance) of possibility can never be fully pre-determined.  Donald Trump’s tweet-tantrums, in fact, have shown us that in moments of mayhem he also loses the ability to stay centered.

What on earth is Connie saying, you may ask?  I’m saying that it is your job as a spiritual practitioner to try to understand Randomness, and then to do all you can as a citizen of this country to assist Donald Trump in becoming its ambassador for the common good.

This doesn’t mean I’m joining the “give him a chance” ranks, but it also doesn’t mean that I’m joining the “make him fail” ranks either.  I’m asking you to join me in becoming the spiritual morphic field that uses every means possible to influence him toward expressing his greatest potential and becoming the agent of change that brings forward the “for the common good” mentality.

If you’re a student of history, you’ll have noticed that public opinion always eventually arcs toward the new pattern that is more inclusive, more “for the common good” than the previous deconstructed pattern.  In order for Trump, or anyone, to be a strong leader through chaotic times, he or she must trust that arc.  With Randomness in the most dominant point of his chart (his sun principle), it’s in his spiritual DNA to be such a leader – if he will.

For the record, Trump has some other very interesting principles in his garment pattern that will help mitigate his seeming addiction to creating chaos:

What am I asking you to do?  Several things:

  1. Watch his actions and measure them against the unpredictability factor of chaos theory.
  2. Find constructive ways to be in touch with the administration and your representatives to influence all their actions toward the common good.
  3. Be very careful about your language.  War language begets war.  Violence begets violence.  You cannot “fight hate.”  You dissolve hate by being inclusive.
  4. Challenge every thought and belief you hold.  Are you kind?  Are you inclusive?  Are you creating a “we” that can end our cultural strife?
  5. Accept that Donald Trump has won an election and therefore he will be our president – barring some new and unexpected random cog in our predictive model.

Double Down on YOUR Spiritual Practice

Listen, in my years as a spiritual consultant I’ve noticed one behavior that is almost universal:

When things get tough in someone’s life, the first thing to go is their spiritual practice.  Instead of doubling down on their practice, they start plodding through their days, head down like a beast of burden.  Or on the other end of the spectrum, they get depressed and self-pitying and become a victim.  Neither of these is acceptable.  No time for self-pity right now.  This is NOT the time to drop your most sacred practice.

Focus on YOUR Gift

BE the unique person you pledged to be when you took your first breath.  Then get busy helping Donald Trump and every member of his administration do the same.  Get busy helping your elected representatives do the same.  This is our time to prove the power of “we the people.”

If you aren’t familiar with The Invisible Garment and would like to find out your unique gift (( Life Purpose and Mission )) and Spiritual principles please visit our Know Thyself page for products and information.