Silence Spiritual Principle

Number 26
Outer Focus Bridging Higher Dimensions
Inner Focus Skull
Rainbow Color Green – Balance and Harmony
Evolving Color Turquoise – Healed Thought / Logos


Our skulls are little satellite dishes that pick up all sorts of information from the morphic fields of cosmic energy.  When we successfully quieten the abundant chatter of the brain, we have a greater possibility of perceiving and integrating Truth – for indeed somewhere in the cosmos is what I call the Dimension of Truth – a “reality” that emerges from the benevolent intention of evolution itself.  With Silence in your invisible garment, you live with an imperative to grant yourself (and therefore the world) periods of still-mind, so that the Truth can penetrate through the chatter and into the world through YOU.

Of course, Silence isn’t “quiet.”  The music of the spheres roars in to fill the vacuum you leave when you shut down the personal chatter.  That music speaks to the core of your being.  That music evokes the connection to Truth that resides in your very DNA.  That music is the sound of the great silent flaring forth known as the “Big Bang.”  BE Silence.  The results will astound you.

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