Humility Spiritual Principle

Number 24
Outer Focus Integrating the Light
Inner Focus Skin
Rainbow Color Orange
Evolving Color Amber


In some ways, Humility begins an extremely sublime and subtle set of principles. We call the principles numbered 24-29 the galactic principles, because they incorporate such elevated frequencies that they cannot really be corralled into specific definitions. They become experiences we embody (verbs) rather than experiences we can define (nouns.)

Humility asks its wearer to live in full integrity with the inner life and the outer life. It’s inner focus is the skin – that boundary between the “in here” and the ‘out there.” Its outer focus is that level of consciousness called the “integration of the light.” Humility allows the light of the “in here” (the light that illumines the dream) and the light of the “out there” (the sun) to communicate openly and honestly with each other.

Humility calls for the end of dualism – within the self, within the community, within the planetary family. It demands that we not disappear into the light, but that we integrate it. In other words, Humility doesn’t want us to join a monastery and hide from humanity. Humility wants us to walk in the world in honest, authentic, sacred self-knowing. The gift of Humility could be compared to the middle path of Buddhism or the straight path of Sufism. It asks one to lift the veils and allow the deep knowledge of the heart to reveal itself.

You have a challenge if you wear Humility in your garment. You must be totally honest with yourself. You must know yourself fully, intimately. You must be unafraid of your own glorious existence. You must need stop looking ruthlessly for those lies that hide in your belief system and root them out.

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