Harmony Spiritual Principle

Number 21
Outer Focus Integrating Darkness
Inner Focus Colon
Rainbow Color Orange
Evolving Color Coral


“Integrating the dark” – That’s the outer focus of Harmony. That phrase, like so many we use in describing this work, means one thing in ordinary vernacular, and something entirely different when we look at the spiritual meaning. “Integrating the dark” sounds like a nefarious activity, but in fact it’s really quite positive. This phrase really refers to our unique ability to see the unseen, hear the unheard, articulate the unspoken.

Integrating the dark also refers to the importance of the background – the importance of the shadow – the importance of the echo.

Some friends of mine produced a Richard Pryor special in a decade back in the last millennium:) And one of Richard’s absolutely GENIUS comic ideas was to book “The Pips” as guest performers. Now for you young-uns, let me explain. Gladys Knight was a very famous R&B/Soul artist in the ’70’s and her back up trio were The Pips. Their billing: Gladys Knight and The Pips. So Richard booked The Pips to sing only the back up vocals to one of their hit songs, “Midnight Train to Georgia.” It was actually hilarious to watch them, dressed in their purple velvet suits performing their groovy dance moves while singing. . .”he said he’s goin’. . .goin’ back to find. . .leavin’. . .leavin’ on the midnight train. . .goin’ back to find. . .I know you will….whoowhoo. . .”

The point is, the audience could “hear” the melody even though it wasn’t being sung because they had heard it so many times, but perhaps for the first time they were being made aware of the background and the importance of the “harmony.”

With Harmony in your invisible garment pattern, you may find yourself often pre-occupied with what I call the “is-not.” You may have been criticized for this in your life. People may wish you were less attentive to what goes on behind the scenes. And yet, the “is-not” stabilizes and emphasizes the “is.” Do your job, Harmony-ites!

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