Goodness Spiritual Principle

Number 8
Outer Focus Animals
Inner Focus Kidneys
Rainbow Color Orange – Compassion & Wisdom
Evolving Color Amber – Sophia


Goodness, like many of the words describing the principles, evokes a sense of value – a beneficial description of something.  However, as a spiritual principle, “Goodness” means non-judgmental – “Godness.”  We see that it is anchored in the animals, and that is because animals simply use their senses to judge a situation.  A situation is deemed safe because it smells safe; it’s dangerous because it sounds or smells dangerous; it’s inviting because the hair and skin say so.  Sensations outweigh reason in the animal body.

And yes, we humans have animal bodies, but we’ve learned to over-ride sensation in favor of rationality.  However, with Goodness in your invisible garment pattern, you can also access what I call sense wisdom – a wisdom embedded in your five senses (not to be confused with “common sense.”)

In other words, Goodness (as a spiritual principle) is not the opposite of “badness.”  It is instead the ability to access deep knowingness.  It is the ability to be in touch with the animal nature of your own evolutionary history.  It is the energy that puts you in touch with all creatures.

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