Randomness Spiritual Principle

Number 23
Outer Focus Bridging Dar and Light
Inner Focus Ovaries/Testicles
Rainbow Color Red
Evolving Color Coral


When contemplating Randomness my thoughts often magnetize the words “chaos” or “anarchy.”  I realize however that those terms result from an implicit brain bias in me that desires tidiness and control and order.

Actually, Randomness as a spiritual principle functions as a life-affirming energy rather than as mayhem.  The inner focus of Randomness are the ovaries and testicles – the life-storage-units.  In the human reproductive system, when one of the ovaries “randomly” spits out an egg and the testicles “randomly” shoot out approximately 100 million sperm, something really amazing occurs within the female body-environment.  The process ceases to be random.  The sperm do their swimming dance (I like to think of them as synchronized swimmers) heading toward the target, but the egg makes a calculated and disciplined choice accept ONE our of ALL THOSE MILLIONS.   Disorder evolves into disciplined order instantly.

I’ve said in other places that it is important to study the principles on either side of the one you’re investigating in order to fully understand it.  On one side of Randomness is Dreaming – an energy that guides human consciousness into the relatively uncontrolled (random) aspect of collective consciousness to have an experience of Divine Potential.  On the other side of Randomness is Humility – an energy that influences us to understand ourselves authentically and to integrate the information of the light.  Randomness bridges light and dark.

With Randomness in your garment pattern, you have unusual access to patience.  You know that waiting for the pattern to recreate itself, to reinvent itself, to reveal itself makes more sense than any attempt to structure or regulate.

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