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Redefining Dreaming

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Dreamworld

In this article, we redefine dreaming. We will explore the idea that dreams are not just random stories that occur during sleep but rather encounters with universal truths and cosmic energies. By redefining dreaming, we can tap into the full potential of this mysterious realm and unlock its transformative power.

Expanding Our Definition of Dreaming

In order to fully grasp the significance of dreaming, we must expand our definition beyond the conventional understanding. Rather than limiting dreams to personal experiences that occur during sleep, we can view them as encounters with Truth in the great creative Void. By doing so, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities and insights that go beyond our individual selves.

The Liberating Nature of Sleep

When we go to sleep, we enter a state that liberates our minds from the limitations of waking reality. In this horizontal position, we connect with the cosmic order and the energy of the universe. We become a part of the surface of Earth, the skin of Gaia.  Native American shamans and Tibetan dream yogis have long understood the value of specific sleeping positions. By embracing this definition of the power of sleep and dreaming, we can tap into a profound source of wisdom and spiritual growth.

Dissolving Into the Darkness

Drifting into sleep, we leave behind the awareness of our bodies and surroundings. Our consciousness enters a realm of blackness, a warm and inviting darkness that envelops us. This darkness holds immense potential and significance. It is in this blackness that our bodies relax completely, and we connect with the cosmic energies that flow through us. Immersed in this connection, we experience the direct presence of divine energy and gain profound insights into the nature of existence.

Letting Go of Personal Attachment

To fully appreciate the power of dreaming, we must recognize its non-personal nature. The blackness, the Void, is not about us as individuals. It is a holy and whole space, beyond our limited comprehension. Just as the source of dreaming is impersonal, the experiences and messages in dreams are not solely about us. They are offerings from the universal consciousness, invitations to explore the depths of our being and connect with the greater whole.

Dreaming as a Transmission of Truth

Dreaming is not just about self-analysis. It is a means of receiving profound truths and messages from the soul. We all have the ability to plug into The Source itself and receive transmissions of truth. By understanding that dreaming is a physiological event that goes beyond personal narratives, we can access the collective wisdom of the universe and gain insights that go far beyond our individual perspectives.

Symbolic Interpretation

The dream story may seem personal, but it is important to look beyond the surface imagery and delve into the energetic experiences that evoke the images. The dream images themselves are not the ultimate truth; they are symbols that mirror potential, gifts, and ability to perceive the unseen. By interpreting the symbols in a broader context, we uncover deeper meanings.

The Cycles and Levels of Dreaming

Dreaming is not a static experience; it evolves and unfolds as we progress on our spiritual journey. By understanding the cycles and levels of dreaming, we can navigate the different stages with greater awareness and purpose. Dreams are influenced by the phases and positions of the moon, and they come in different stages and levels. From personal dreaming that offers guidance and nurturance to the individual dreamer (and these are more rare than you think!) to collective dreaming that expands our awareness beyond the personal into messages that are intended for the species in general, each stage presents unique opportunities for experiences of consciousness that are not available in ordinary, waking reality.  Please notice that we do not consider dreaming to be an “unconscious” event — lunar consciousness is definitely a dimension of consciousness!

The Ultimate Union: Dreamer and Dream

At the highest stage of dreaming, the dreamer transcends personal narratives and merges with the dream itself. The dreamer becomes a conduit for truth and experiences a profound unity with the dream realm. In this state, the dreamer’s consciousness is liberated to access all systems of imagery and create new forms. The dreamer becomes a shape-shifter, embodying different beings and realms to retrieve information and insights. At this stage, the dreamer’s experience is beyond words and description, a deep communion with the divine.

Giving Hospitality to the Great Mystery

 Giving hospitality to the Great Mystery is the dreams imperative. This means expanding our understanding of dreaming, releasing separatist beliefs, and developing self-trust. We must be cautious in interpreting dream symbols, recognizing that the true essence of the dream lies in the energetic experience that evokes the images, not in the images or the stories themselves.  The stories are metaphors for the energy of the cosmic encounter we experienced in sleep. Sometimes, of course, these encounters can happen when we’re in deep meditation, or when we’re stuck by awe.  By cultivating mental stability, emotional clarity, and physical strength through disciplined spiritual practice, we create a welcoming space for the profundity of the mystery — we offer it hospitality in our consciousness — we transform personally from its gifts — we change the world around us.

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