Memory Spiritual Principle

Number 3
Outer Focus Stone Devas
Inner Focus Bones
Rainbow Color Green – Balance and Harmony
Evolving Color Peridot – Service


This word – memory – challenges people who have the principle in their contract.  They often judge themselves negatively because they have a “bad memory.”  That must surely mean that they’re “failing” in their attempt to deliver their gift, right?

Wrong.  Memory as a spiritual principle is complex and nuanced.  In fact, every experience any of us has contains multiple possibilities because it exists on multiple dimensions.  What one “remembers” changes slightly almost every time an event is recalled because that kind of memory is pliable.

However, another kind of Memory exists – one that doesn’t change.  That is the Memory held in the cells so that they know how to reproduce themselves.  That is the Memory of the evolutionary anchor points – for example, the moment that some creature crawled up out of the water and started inhaling oxygen.  That Memory eternalized itself in the Akashic Records of this planet.  That Memory can’t be “unremembered.”

With Memory in your garment, you have both he ability to recognize the pliable nature of all experience, AND the unbending awareness of the anchoring of certain evolutionary shifts in our journey from the Big Bang to now.  It can be a little crazy-making to hold such a wide spectrum of consciousness. . .until you accept it as part of your gift.

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