Awareness Spiritual Principle

Number 9
Outer Focus Paradoxical Realms
Inner Focus Pancreas
Rainbow Color Yellow – Clarity & Expansion
Evolving Color Peridot – Service


Awareness amplifies your ability to be comfortable with paradox. So many aspects of reality contain paradox.  For example, when you see a color (let’s say green) what you’re actually seeing is an object that absorbs every part of the color spectrum EXCEPT green.  Color is not intrinsic to an object The color we see is the color not accepted by the object.

Another paradox:  inoculation.  We inoculate ourselves against a pathogen or antigen by introducing it into our bodies in small proportion.  That’s just crazy to think about, but somehow it works.

Still another:  homeopathic medicine consists of introducing into ones body small doses of substances that actually produce the symptoms from which the patient suffers.  Something about introducing the material that causes symptoms triggers the body to stop the symptoms.  Do you see what I mean?  It makes no sense. . .but paradox is very real, very prolific, and very important to understand.

Our human tendency is to try to “make sense” of the world.  But the more awake/aware we become to reality, the more conscious we become of the power of paradox.  Awareness gives us a perspective the makes it easy hold self-contradictory concepts.

If you have Awareness in your garment pattern, you feel relatively at home in contradiction:  You can see that two “truths” that appear to be opposites can actually exist simultaneously.

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