Unity Spiritual Principle

Number 16
Outer Focus Genetic Consciousness
Inner Focus Ribs
Rainbow Color Violet
Evolving Color Rose Quartz


Frankly, that New Age mantra “we are all one” has annoyed me since the first time I heard it.  That kind of statement completely ignores our experience of being separated and unique.  But the study of the principle of Unity has helped me understand “oneness” from a different perspective.  By studying genetics (and epigenetics which is my new favorite science), we know that our “oneness” can be seen at the cellular level.  We all have a genetic code and a DNA spiral.  On that level we look to be the same.  We might say that the “sameness” exists on the implicate order.    As those codes and spirals unveil themselves in the explicate order, difference appears.

Unity in your garment pattern makes you aware of your personal genetic lineage.  It may be that you are the divine and perfect specimen of your gene pool.  Or it may be that some flaws in your lineage need to be eliminated or at least corrected through you.  But the genetic factor remains important in your own personal actualization.

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