Focus Spiritual Principle

Number 18
Outer Focus Planetary Consciousness
Inner Focus Pineal Gland
Rainbow Color Blue
Evolving Color Turquoise


For a brief period of my life I studied with Carlos Castaneda (If “study” is what you would call it. It was more like I experienced myself in the presence of Carlos Castaneda.) Sometimes he would talk to us about first attention, second attention, third attention, and so on – pointing out to us that we have multiple streams of data processing going on at all times. In his teachings, first attention involves our awareness of the physical – the immediate happenings in and around our body. Second attention includes a larger set of data because it factors in the energetic field that surrounds us (what he called the luminous egg). And the third attention involves our ability (albeit almost totally unconscious) to perceive the planet as a whole – as a living organism. He sometimes played little games with us, asking us to switch the order of these attentions – or at least to switch the priority we gave them in any given moment.

In The Invisible Garment teachings, the angels emphasized that the pineal gland in our heads actually determines the filters we place on attention at any given moment, and it determines what data streams are to be in the forefront from moment to moment. Everyone has the ability to do this, but if you have Focus in your garment pattern, certain telepathic or psychic abilities may come more easily to you than to others.

Focus functions as the pineal gland of the cosmic body. That cosmic Focus plays a big role in cultural and global transformation. When a cultural concept emerges and a significant number of people grasp onto it (say gay marriage, or decriminalizing marijuana, or climate change) that’s Focus at work in the “out there” world.

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