Creativity Spiritual Principle

Number 12
Outer Focus Astral Consciousness
Inner Focus Stomach
Rainbow Color Indigo
Evolving Color Rose Quartz


When we work with these principles we strive to BE the principles (rather than “use” them or “call on” them.)  What would it look like to BE Creativity?  The Containing Principles all call us toward thought, toward mental and emotional maturity, toward recognizing our greatness and delivering that greatness as a gift to the world.  BE-ing Creativity means recognizing ones uniqueness, owning ones greatness, and finding ways to deliver those gifts through juxtaposing ideas, forms, concepts, behaviors in new ways.

One who learns to BE Creativity simply desires to evoke thought by presenting new concepts.  BE-ing Creativity requires asking people around to THINK.  you don’t tell them WHAT to think, you simply teach them HOW to think by showing them something they’ve never seen before.

You don’t have to be an artist to BE Creativity.  You simply have to be uniquely you.

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