Dreaming Spiritual Principle

Number 22
Outer Focus Hearing Info of the Void
Inner Focus Womb
Rainbow Color  Red
Evolving Color  Ruby


Countless times in the last 25 years, several women have shown up for dream circle bearing amazingly similar dreams.  Sometimes the dreams came on the same night, but not always.  In some ways it’s even more interesting that dreamers “choose” such similar dreams to bring to circle?  We’ve never come up with a really good answer other than this:  the dreams have a “mind of their own” and they all want to show up for consideration at the same time.

What we do know is that when we dream, we access information that is not necessarily “about us” and sometimes not even local to us.  We dream telepathically, prophetically, clairvoyantly – collecting information from the “Void” (the place of where all potential resides) and bringing into an articulated story through our personal consciousness.

A belief that all dreams are about the dreamer permeates our culture, but the information I’ve gathered from teachers in the dream indicates that when we sleep our personal consciousness can merge with the universal fields of consciousness in such a wide spectrum that we literally pick up information unavailable to us under any other circumstances.

Once a woman came to me for a private consultation came to me and said,  “I don’t like my dreams.  Tell me how to stop dreaming.”  I laughed and said,  “You’re in the wrong room!”  (She’s since learned to love and appreciate them!)

With Dreaming in your garment pattern, you are specially gifted in this ability.  It’s a sacred gift.  Treat it with tender care.

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