Movement Spiritual Principle

Number 29
Outer Focus Avatars
Inner Focus Navel
Rainbow Color Violet
Evolving Color Ruby


The big bang initiated a principle called Movement.  Before the explosion into perceptual reality, only The Void of all potential existed.  When the primordial blast occurred, through Movement, the universe came into BE-ing.  Movement – the animation of visible reality – makes life a cosmic dance.  Otherwise, life would simply be an inert, stagnant idea.

With Movement in your invisible garment pattern,  you become a choreographer in that cosmic dance.  You understand the importance of setting things into motion – of moving ideas toward manifestation.  You also have an unusual ability to read energy, understand its trajectory, and redirect it if need be.  Change (in the sense of making a difference) could be your middle name.

Placement, the dance partner of Movement, keeps the world dynamic on steady course, while Movement hurls us toward our destiny.  Movement and Placement, the bookends of the 30 spiritual principles, hold us in a loving magnetic embrace allowing the full spectrum of human experience to express through us.

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