Placement Spiritual Principle

Number 0
Outer Focus Natural Micro-universes
Inner Focus Feet
Rainbow Color Violet – Ceremony and Architecture
Evolving Color Rose Quartz – Mastery and Observation


With Placement in your garment pattern, your consciousness about environmental energy is strong.  Stillness holds vital importance for you.  At times you may almost feel yourself dissolve into the earth herself, becoming aware of the millions of micro-universes that live in the soil, the minerals, and the many strata of the innards of our sacred planet.  In that space, stillness exudes itself into every cell in your body.  And yet – you simultaneously hold an awareness that the earth is never still.  She’s always spinning on her axis, she’s always orbiting around the sun.  Stillness does not equal stasis.

At other times, you may feel strong power coming out of the earth and into your body when you stand in certain locations.  You may be acutely tuned in to the “vibe” of a specific location.  You know your “power spots.”

When you have Placement in your garment, you often function as an anchor point for your friends and family.  You know how to BE where you are in any moment, and that magnetizes people who need reassurance that things are okay!

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