Ecstasy Spiritual Principle

Number 14
Outer Focus Whole Body Consciousness
Inner Focus Adrenals
Rainbow Color White
Evolving Color Opal


The experience of Ecstasy introduces you to a wild conundrum.  On the one hand, when Ecstasy shows up, you feel a physical sense of alignment with the universe.  All your bodies – physical, mental, emotional, ethical, etheric, astral, energetic, dreaming (all the way out to God and back) feel like perfect concentric circles, and your aliveness creates a thrilling chill in your body.  On the other hand, for Ecstasy to really express through you, your bodies have to “disappear.”  The sense of separation from the All the the Everything dissolves, and you BECOME the All and the Everything.  You merge with all that is; you exist within all possibility; you ARE all potential.

Unfortunately, that perception of all-beingness comes in short spurts because we must also be actively, materially, in-the-body engaged in consensus reality.  Sometimes the craving for that sense of Ecstasy makes us lonely, makes us feel isolate.

But when you fully understand the profound gift of Ecstasy, even when the surge of “oh-my-god-I-feel-so-alive” isn’t present, an awareness of that divine aliveness sings its song in your heart!  Ecstasy brings such joy into your life!  What a wonderful gift it is.

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