Extension Spiritual Principle

Number 5
Outer Focus Plant Devas
Inner Focus Hands
Rainbow Color  Orange – Compassion & Wisdom
Evolving Color  Coral – Surrender & Synthesis


Have you ever ridden (horseback, preferably) through a forest and suddenly come into an aspen grove?  The beauty and peaceful energy there is literally palpable.  One of the first times I ever “saw” plant devas was on just such a ride.  My guide told me that all aspens in one grove come from the roots of the Mother Tree.  All the trees are siblings.  Those devas (which I saw only as swirls of energy dancing in the grove) seemed to be ecstatic with joy – a joy that mirrored itself in the quivering of the leaves on each of the sister-trees.

Indeed, the devas of the plant worlds seem to delight in their “job” – the job of extending life in every direction and as far as possible.

Extension anchors itself in the eyes in the palms of your hands.  Can you “see” the life force of a tree as you reach out and touch it?  Can you “sense” the danger of a rose thorn just before you touch it?  That’s Extension expressing itself through you.

With Extension in your garment pattern, you may or may not be able to see the swirls of energy (the devas) around plants, but you certainly can sense the power and radiant beauty, yes?

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