Flowering Spiritual Principle

Number 11
Outer Focus Human Reptilian Memory
Inner Focus Thymus
Rainbow Color Blue – Reasoning and Abstract Thinking
Evolving Color Tanzanite – Trust and Initiation


The part of the human brain called the amygdala gets a bad rap in the New Age. It’s called the “fight of flight” brain, the reptilian brain, the crocodile brain. Indeed, it is the part of the brain in charge of survival. But to that end, it also holds the seeds of the great evolutionary plan. Each of us holds within our cells a “memory” of the potential of human evolution. That memory is stored in the amygdala, and that urge to evolve and adapt and survive evokes the fight or flight syndrome.

We also carry a paradox – an irony – when it comes to Flowering (or the never ending unfolding of our potential.) Paradoxically, we also fear change, and we fear our own self-actualization more than we fear death. You know those dreams you have when someone is chasing you and your run in hideous fear? When you learn to stop, turn around, face your stalker, and say “What do you want?” you almost always discover that the so-called stalker is actually your own highest self asking you to evolve.

With Flowering in your chart, you get to choose between a lifetime of opening and opening and opening to all your potentials, or running and running and running from your own destiny.

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