Gratitude Spiritual Principle

Number 20
Outer Focus Consciousness of Sentience
Inner Focus Spleen
Rainbow Color Yellow
Evolving Color Amber


In the beginning, people are mostly interested in studying just the principles that are in their own garment patterns, but eventually to fully understand the work, it becomes necessary to study them all.

The principles build on each other, support each other, extend each other.

For example, Gratitude and Service lock arms to create a bridge between the Containing Principles (the trunk of the tree) and the Descending Principles (the branches and leaves.) Service makes one aware of the profound interconnection of all human on the Soul level. Gratitude expands that consciousness to help us understand the great realm of consciousness in all beings.

Through Gratitude we remember that every blade of grass has sentience, every stone has sentience, every creature has sentience. The energy of Gratitude is not “thankfulness for something” but instead an awareness that every shred of life on this planet is a miracle, and therefore worthy of our admiration, our appreciation, our acknowledgment.

With Gratitude in your garment pattern, you will consistently be influenced to honor every form of life, organic and inorganic. This sacred sense perfumes your life with a divine beauty that walks with you as a profound blessing.

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