Beauty Spiritual Principle

Number 4
Outer Focus Stones
Inner Focus Throat
Rainbow Color Yellow – Expansion and Clarity
Evolving Color Amber – Synthesis and Surrender


The spiritual principle of Beauty puts you directly in touch with a patterning system that wends its way through all natural forms.  There’s something exquisitely precise about Nature, even when it appears to be asymmetrical and sometimes chaotic.  If Beauty is in your garment pattern, you are constantly being pulled toward an understanding of the divine structure of things, and beyond the external facades.

In my color work, Beauty is in the Yellow Sphere of Clarity and Expansion.  Yellow is the color that makes everything “more” of itself.  Think of a tree.  The leaves that the sun’s yellow-light rays hit shine with a much brighter green than the leaves in the shadow.  Beauty’s influence in your life, if you’re lucky enough to have it as one of your garment threads, lets you see forms in their best light!

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