Resistance Spiritual Principle

Number 15
Outer Focus Self Consciousness
Inner Focus Muscles
Rainbow Color Black
Evolving Color Opal


While an argument can certainly be made that all creatures have a sense of self, as far as we know we are the only species with the level of self-consciousness that allows them to become The Witness and therefore to bear witness to their own behavior.  We humans introduce that unique nuance to consciousness:  We can witness ourselves.   The urge to self-evaluate emerges in human consciousness in a way that no other species experiences.

What does this mean?  It gives humans the ability to see ourselves as separate and as interconnected simultaneously.  I like to use the analogy of cooking.  Imagine yourself to be a spice!  You have a specific taste and smell – unique to you.  And that uniqueness adds to the pot of soup when you get thrown in there.  You blend, and yet you transform and add specific flavor to the whole pot.

One more thing about Resistance.  If it exists in your pattern, you have another unique ability:  You can perceive, integrate and transform mystical/spiritual/generally imperceptible information.  You bring new ideas, finely distinguished thoughts, profound hypotheses into form so that others might expand their own consciousness.

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