Attraction Spiritual Principle

Number 17
Outer Focus Cross Cultural Consciousness
Inner Focus Intestines
Rainbow Color Indigo
Evolving Color Tanzanite


Each principle has an inner focus and an outer focus, which are anchor points in the “in here” and the “out there” world.  They bridge your personality into the larger reality of human consciousness.  The intestines are the inner focus points for the principle of Attraction.  That doesn’t mean that if you have intestinal issues you are “bad” at the Attraction.  Instead it means that Attraction functions in the cosmic body like intestines function in the human body.  Therefore, in this system, the words attraction and assimilation are synonyms.

The outer focus point of Attraction is something we call cross-cultural consciousness – the ability that we humans have to understand all of humanity as one diverse family.  Our ability to see, appreciate and rejoice in our differences while maintaining our individuality constitutes an important part of our humanity.  Sometimes we’re better at it than others.

Perhaps, then, an easy way to contemplate Attraction is to think about how we assimilate with each other – how our various cultures live together, share with each other, blend into a melting pot. . .or not.

Interestingly, we’re best at assimilation under extremely difficult circumstances.  When there is tragedy, when there is trauma, when there is disaster, we show up for each other.  At other times we too often draw lines, put up fences, mark boundaries, put on blinders.

If you have Attraction in your garment pattern, your most natural tendency is to BE in that constant state of reaching out to others, recognizing similarities as more important than differences, knowing that Unity (genetic consciousness) naturally stretches to Attraction (cross-cultural consciousness.)

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