Generosity Spiritual Principle

Number 7
Outer Focus Animal Devas
Inner Focus Point Below Your Heart
Rainbow Color Red – Will and Power
Evolving Color Coral – Synthesis and Surrender


With Generosity in your garment pattern, you constantly strive to balance giving and receiving. If you don’t understand Generosity thoroughly, you may actually try to measure giving and receiving.  You may think that you give more than you receive, or that you deserve more than you get because you give so much.  That’s a step toward the comprehension of Generosity, but it stops short of fully, maturely integrating its meaning.

You have received the gift of life.  You then BECOME that gift – and you are the deliverance vehicle for that gift into the realm of form.  You have received the miracle of Life.   Your job is now to give back to Life what you have received.  You are the receiver; you are the giver; you are the gift.

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