Service Spiritual Principle

Number 19
Outer Focus Soul Consciousness
Inner Focus Knees
Rainbow Color Green
Evolving Color Peridot


In the “soul tree” analogy, Service bridges the Containing Principles to the Descending Principles – the human to the celestial. And it is the next-to-the-last ladder step in an ever widening set of consciousnesses that the Containing Principles create for us: Resistance – self consciousness; Unity – genetic consciousness; Attraction – Cross-cultural Consciousness; Focus – Planetary Consciousness; Service – Soul Consciousness. (The next, which is in the Descending Principle group, will be Gratitude – Consciousness of Sentience.)

So Service awakens our awareness that the One Soul sends its gifts into form through billions of individuations. With Service in your garment pattern, your ability to recognize that Oneness that exists on the soul level constantly influences your experience of life.

Service functions as the “knees of the cosmic body.” Service, in other words, keeps us flexible, mentally, emotionally, physically, and most importantly spiritually. With Service in your garment pattern, you are serving LIFE – not an ideology or a pathology. Your gift involves rejoicing at BE-ing!

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