Reciprocity Spiritual Principle

Number 10
Outer Focus Inter-dimensional Consciousness
Inner Focus Lungs
Rainbow Color Green – Balance and Harmony
Evolving Color Turquoise – Healed Thought – Logos


With Reciprocity in your invisible garment pattern, you have an amplified understanding of the nature of balance.  The statement “what comes around goes around” may be part of a comprehension of what Reciprocity means, but it’s only a small part.  Reciprocity puts you in touch with the bridges between dimensions.  It’s through Reciprocity that you can look at two dimensional objects or drawings and create a three dimensional visual in your head-brain.  I love to look at Escher drawings because they are so very two dimensional, and in fact they depict impossible scenarios with staircases that lead nowhere and corners that don’t actually turn.  BUT, they also force my brain to reside in an inter-dimensional consciousness for a while.

Reciprocity and Awareness work together to bridge the Ascending Principles with the Containing Principles.  When one embraces paradox (Awareness) and balance (Reciprocity) simultaneously, one has leapt into the principles we describe as “uniquely human.”  The outer focus points of these two principles are intentionally vague, because their influence pushes you toward the use of the human brain and away from the sensations and physical “knowingness”  of the of Nature.  Imagination evolves as we move from Ascending to Containing principles.

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