Desire Spiritual Principle

Number 25
Outer Focus Hearing Info of the Light
Inner Focus Eyes
Rainbow Color Yellow
Evolving Color Peridot


Of all the principle, Desire influences us most directly toward Divine Will.  With Desire in your invisible garment pattern, you will constantly feel an influence toward “completion.”  In some circumstances, you  may interpret that influence as aquisitional.  In other words, you may feel that by getting something (a job, a relationship, a dress, a home, a bank account) your life will be more full, more complete.  However, every tie you acquire one of those “things” you find that the longing doesn’t go away.  There’s always a longing for something else.

That’s because the longing isn’t to possess a “thing.”  You long to BE your most authentic self.  You long to GIVE YOUR GIFT.  You long to align yourself with Divine Will.  Until you surrender to the true nature of that longing, you will continue to “be a seeker.”

When the principle of Desire takes its rightful position in your spiritual DNA strand, you will long only for a complete transparency – a total integrity between your “out there” experience and your “in here” knowledge.  You will be in constant communication with the information or the light – the inner light that guides your way to the lap of the Soul.

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