Peace Spiritual Principle

Number 27
Outer Focus Working in Higher Dimensions
Inner Focus Blood
Rainbow Color Blue
Evolving Color Tanzanite


We pray for peace.  We sing songs about peace on earth.  We send holiday cards containing our wishes for peace.  But do we know what Peace means?    Most of us do not.  Most of us think “peace” means “lack of war.”  Most of us, if we’re really honest with ourselves, think “peace” means that everyone in the world will think like I do, behave like I do, treat each other the way I think people should be treated.  For most of us, our addiction to and devotion to our little-mindedness keeps us from expanding our consciousness to the level of Peace.

Within the realm of the Galactic Principles (the last six principles) the frequency of Peace evokes in the human realm a consciousness that resonates so clearly with the original Divine Plan, that the possibility of separation doesn’t exist.  Peace is such profound wholeness that war, conflict, schism simply don’t exist even in possibility.

Peace IS NOT the absence of war.  Peace IS the presence of wholeness.  Peace delivers us to a degree of unity that while diversity may be present, it is in no way divisive.

In the discussion of how to give our gift, we talk about “getting out of the way” so our principles can live through us.  However it becomes very difficult to “get out of the way” of a principle whose frequency is so high, so divine, so sacred, and so unreachable, that we can’t even define it.  We are generally completely dedicated to individualized existence, and therefore we don’t even know how to respect individuation within wholeness.

It’s challenging. . .but there are moments. . .Cherish those moments.

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