Innocence Spiritual Principle

Number 1
Outer Focus Archetypal Realms
Inner Focus Heart
Rainbow Color Indigo – Idealism and Devotion
Evolving Color Tanzanite – Trust and Ignition


Innocence and teachability are synonyms in this system.  When Innocence activates in you, your find yourself learning something new, even in situations that are immeasurably familiar.  Something new shows itself to you in every moment.  The primary advantage of this influence in your life is that you expect the unexpected.

Innocence puts you in touch with the organizing patterns, the orienting schemata, of the human experience.   If you allow yourself a deep dive into Innocence, you’ll find within yourself every possible human tendency – from unconditional love to the fear that motivates terrorism.  This ability to “own” the full human potential becomes your greatest ally.  You realize the value and importance of self-honesty and wise choice by knowing the full spectrum of the human experience.

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