Purity Spiritual Principle

Number 2
Outer Focus Devic Realms
Inner Focus Liver
Rainbow Color Blue – Reasoning and Abstract Thinking
Evolving Color Turquoise – Healed Thought/Logos


While Innocence connects its wearer to the archetypal realms – the organizing patterns and ideas of a form – Purity brings that pattern closer to concrete realization.  unity sees the blueprint.  Purity understands the intention, the perfection, the crystallization of an idea that is on its way to manifestation.   Purity identifies its wearer with the Earth Angels (the Devas of the earth) and carries the idea closer to materialization.

If you have Purity in your garment, you constantly search for the intention, the meaning, and the original components behind a form.  You’re able to hear what hasn’t necessarily been said because you understand the forethought.

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