A Manual for Spiritual Parenting by Connie Kaplan with Tamar Frankiel, available as an e-book for only $5.95 (116 pages).  Based on an online class, incorporating the discoveries and insights of many parents, this book shows you how to use the Thirty Spiritual Principles of The Invisible Garment to parent your child from a spiritual perspective – and how to grandparent, and even how to re-parent yourself.  In addition, this update of Connie’s work shows how to understand the formation of the personal ego, and how to use your astrological placements to understand your and your child’s relationship to the larger world.

EVERY CHILD IS UNIQUE. That’s such an obvious statement that it’s almost unnecessary to say. However, we usually speak about the uniqueness of our children by describing what they “do.” This manual is designed to help you understand the uniqueness of your child’s essence: the being-ness rather than the doing-ness.

In addition to this manual, our reference text for this material is The Invisible Garment: 30 Spiritual Principles that Weave the Fabric of Human Life. In it, author Dr. Connie Kaplan makes the radical suggestion that each person “signs a life contract at the moment of birth,” a contract containing a specific group of spiritual principles (or influences), and that throughout our lives we “wear” these principles like an invisible undergarment which constantly informs, guides, and girds us. The model that we have come to call the garment pattern represents the individual’s promise to (or contract with) life. This way of thinking suggests that each of us is born to deliver a gift to the world through our beingness. While that gift is primarily defined by one principle (the Sun principle) all of the principles in our contract work together to create a distinctive life pattern. Other systems preach that we are here to work out karma, to be in school and learn lessons, or to fulfill our individual destinies. This system is simpler. It states that we are unique configurations of spiritual energy, here to let Life live itself through us. Our life experiences are the forms through which Spirit delivers the gifts of the soul into the realm of form.

Over years of studying these principles, many of the students of this work have experienced profound “aha’s” when we examined our children’s invisible garment patterns. We have learned that these patterns (our children’s unique principles) hold the keys to understanding their behavior. When you understand who your child is, and you see the gift Life is delivering through this personality, his or her choices and behaviors make sense. As a parent, this knowledge gives you not only profound information, but also spiritual permission to support your child’s individuality. Your approach to parenting each child becomes as individual as the child.